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10 Ways of SEO Optimization Youtube Video is making a lot of View

With an increasingly innovative SEO marketing strategy every day for landing page ads, it's no wonder that YouTube has made a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization rankings. Getting higher rankings for your pages with the help of YouTube videos is a great strategy, as the audiovisual effect is much stronger and clearer than just one visual. 

About 800 million viewers visiting YouTube each month make this platform the second largest search engine after Google. Companies and marketers have been taken for this online marketing tool and there's no doubt that YouTube has left consumers and businesses dazzled. We're more likely to discuss the powerful impact and benefits that YouTube can provide for your business and different ways of using video, even on your landing page. 

It's a fact that the use of YouTube algorithms and codes is not as advanced as Google to systematically organize material on the World Wide Web, but YouTube does offer a refreshing element to increase your business growth and improve your web ranking. Advertising through YouTube is a great way to reduce your marketing spend compared to generic TV commercials. Many companies have linked their websites with YouTube and other Social Media Pages. As for newspapers writing up, ads look richer and more tasteful in the video. 

10 Ways of SEO Video Optimization Youtube

File Name

First name-first thing, before you upload your video and optimize it, ensure that the video game title and title and every word are separated by dashes. The first bit of optimization starts here. 


As always, keyword usage helps identify matching words for the video you're looking for. Keywords should be included in the video title and description. 

Tags and categories

During the process of uploading videos on YouTube, you are given the option to upload under certain categories related to videos that are likely to fall below. Tagging helps identify videos from different categories. For example, if you type "SEO agency in Syracuse", you can tag with words like 'institution' or 'Syracuse'. 

Title Video

Regardless of containing about 50 characters, the title should also include relevant target keywords connecting content. This will give you more than assurity that the video title will appear in the search results. Along with the catchy title, your video needs descriptive so it can easily be found among the million videos it competes. By creating interesting, detailed descriptions of your videos can capture the attention of viewers and stack up those most needed clicks. To keep your videos optimized, you can update the title overtime adding more keywords to it.

Video Description
You can write your video description freely as the description must be written in 160 characters so that the video can appear in the search results. Start by adding a link to the website before your detailed explanation. Along with a great, informative description, add a short text at the beginning of it. Includes relevant keywords in the text.


An explanatory video is an interesting function for adding interactive comments to videos; You can easily add speech bubbles, notes, titles, spotlights, or just stop the video temporarily at the right time. Although, business companies do not find this functionality very professional, it is useful for users and viewers.

Annotations can be associated with other videos, related videos, your playlists, and channels. They will definitely help your rankings.In this short video below, Derral's stock shines how to add annotations to your YouTube videos and provides some useful insights and tips on how to use the best annotations:


You can customize an explanation of how you want them to be perceived as they stay on screen for a few seconds. Annotations can be in the form of long stories proceeding to the next page. Add other channel links or videos, teaser features, promo codes and semi-transparent ads that appear at the bottom of the page, as well. This will make the audience more likely to stay on the brand page for longer periods of time which will increase the business and possibly lead to a subscription!

Create your own channel -

Creating your own channels to promote your own business or service is an interactive way to share content with your audience. As the channel page is your public representation on YouTube, you need to customize it according to your personality.

YouTube has created a channel information area located on the right side of the page. It has an optional space for a business to show off other channels so you can add whatever channels a user might be interested in.

You can start customizing your pages by coordinating your YouTube channel page with your website in terms of color and graphics themes. Take a step further in personalizing your page by including a background image as well. As your main business strategy is to popularize the channel, visitors must be mesmerized by the video and motivated to hit the 'share' button. Shares, comments, and ratings are important ranking factors, optimizing your videos to another level.

Create your own Playlists -

Channel administrators can now customize their channel by adding featured play which is a group of YouTube videos. If a user likes your channel, he or she can subscribe to a playlist. So, whenever you add a new video to that particular playlist, the subscriber will be notified by an update on the subscription bar on the YouTube main page.

This playlist can cover any video and not only have your own video, thus, make any YouTube video accessible to any playlist no matter which post it is. As Playlists get indexed separately from individual videos, they may appear in repetitions in YouTube search results.

Social profile -

Sharing should not be limited to YouTube only. 'Sharing' continues on a much larger scale through other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links to other networking sites can be placed on your channel page. The number of URLs you place is all up to you. Connecting all your media accounts shows a sense of social professionalism that will guarantee your channel's customers to return. Interaction with your visitors will make them want to explore your videos much more.

Place your video snippet on your main business website.

This will not only improve the look of your video but also make the audience more curious to find more. Through all these social network connections, your subscribers will be kept up to date with your latest YouTube release. For example, if you uploaded your YouTube video on your Facebook Fan Page, your subscribers and followers can stay updated without having to make separate visits to your YouTube page.

Do not resort to general marketing techniques. YouTube can be the most important tool for improving your business rankings. Working extra for those extra 'likes'

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