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3 Special Tricks Playing AdSense YouTube

3 Special Tricks Playing AdSense YouTube - Maybe lately I'll be talking more about YouTube. In addition to the new things that I'm living, also many new things that I need to convey to you who are also interested and want to participate and reap the benefits of social media in the form of this one video.

On YouTube, you not only share your hobby or just exist in the Maya world. You already know that YouTube has created many newcomer artists and ensures unemployment life. Why do I say guarantee unemployment life? Because people who already feel the sweetness of playing YouTube, prefer to stop working and continue to make a video hobby.

You can of course be like that! If you are tenacious and diligent and most important is not unyielding. I'm sure and remain confident! That hard effort never disappoints. Although the result is not maximal, at least it seems as sweet as business. All you need to do is continue to pursue your passion, if you really like to play YouTube.

Actually, there is no special trick to success in the world of YouTube. Because Norman Kamaru did not need tricks or tips or special tips to famous on YouTube and the wider environment. So did Sinta and Jojo. They only show the uniqueness of their video only. Perhaps the luck factor and uniqueness of the video is the key. Then you need to copy that, as the key to making you successful on YouTube.

I once listed 3 YouTube Chanel Introducing Tips and you should read them, if you really want to build a professional Chanel and introduce who you are on YouTube. Why do you have to read it? If you just want to fad on YouTube, you do not need to read it. But if you want to seriously raise your name, your Chanel's name on YouTube, then you need to read it!

Above, I say there are no special tricks to be famous on YouTube. Yes It's true! There is no special trick, it just takes a lot of luck. And will you be as lucky as they are? That's why you need a companion to carry your Big Name on YouTube, and the dollars are flowing in your account. How is it like? That is a cliche question. You know about Google AdSense, and that's where your YouTube earnings will be paid. 

And here I will give a special trick for you who want to earn more income from AdSense YouTube. For that you need to know in advance how to attract the audience before you practice this trick. You will find out how to attract audiences. 

To boost earnings from AdSense is in need of special tricks. Because if not, the income you can only segitu-so only. But of course you do not forget the rules from AdSensenya. AdSense itself allows us to modify the ads you want to show (blog only) and choose what kind of ads that want to show (in video) it all so that we can get more revenue. With a note does not violate the policies of AdSense.

You do not need to be confused how to choose the type of ads for your content, because there are already special tricks available here. All you need to think about is just how to make your main Chanel famous first or at least have a subscriber. If you've managed to hook the audience and get subscriber, the next step you need to pray and think positive. Because it's important for your next step.

Well if you have completed the missions above, now it's time you know the tricks in particular . And following the steps :

1. Create a new Channel 

After you have been quite successful with your Chanel. At least per day there are 100 more or less, people who watch your video, then you need to create a new Chanel. And you do not have to create a new ID again. Because YouTube gives you the freedom to make Chanel more than ten Chanel. That means you can create more than one Chanel. And immediately create a new Chanel.

2. Monetize the new channel and associate it to the old AdSense

After creating a new Chanel, you need to upload just one video on your new Chanel, then you enable the monetize menu in your YouTube account. Furthermore, you do not need to create a new AdSense account if you previously already have an AdSense account.

3. Upload a breaking video 

What is a breaking video? Is a video that would invite a lot of people watching. Such as funny videos or other videos that are again seasons on YouTube. But if you do not know or are confused about what kind of video, you can meremix some videos and make it unique or related. But if you do not have any special skills for it, you can ask your colleagues who have funny videos or anything you find interesting.

If you previously wanted to raise your Chanel and your name on YouTube, but then you want your AdSense revenue more, then you need this trick. As more and more people are watching, more and more ads are running and ad clicks then get faster. But, do not let your Side Chanel be subject to copyright claims.

Many suggest that some videos be made longer (more than 15 minutes) . It makes sense to get more ad impressions. But the thing is, do people still watch unflattering videos for a long time? For that, consider creating long videos, if you do not want to waste your time. Better to make an episode, so you can save content ideas and time.

Of the three tricks above, of course with the hope not to forget your goal to make Chanel YouTube. If you want to be famous on YouTube with your special Chanel like the rest of Youtubers, then you should stay consistent with your main Chanel (dedicated). Let your other Channel just as a breakthrough AdSense revenue only. That way people will get to know you as YouTubers with a unique and interesting Chanel.

This is just like you play AdSense on blog, do not need one blog only in monetization. But it can be more than ten blogs with one AdSense account. That way your main blog or Chanel can still be developed with the help of other Chanel and a little fund from AdSense. But keep in mind! There is no success in a fast way. All need process and progress. May be useful! 

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