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5 Keys to Making $ 1000 Success with a Starter Youtube Special

finally I can share again about making money with the internet via youtube .... this time I will share 5 Keys to Make Money $ 1000 with Youtube Special Beginner .

Hi bro, what's up? Hopefully good and healthy always yaahh ... how TRIK super night edition is Trick how to generate 100 dollars per month with youtube adsense that I have written in the previous article ????

Already been practiced or not yaah ??? Hehehe ... kalo ya gratitude walopun may be done gradually, hopefully smooth, safe & controlled until it can produce thousands of dollars per month.

What?! Thousands of dollars ... tens of millions dong! Dream luh ya pen? YES !, that's my dream and hopefully it will come true. Aamiin.

By the way youtube problem is indeed we must know the key ... and the key in question is PATTERN game ...

You want to play PATTERNS like in dollars from youtube ....

Well, then of this article I share about some techniques or patterns that became the key to success a youtuber ...

Because maybe the pattern that I present below can be one option for you in determining which level of ease you will play and which is more suitable for you to do ...

PATTERN # 1 with little video + target country bule (abroad)

So if view your video a bit but earnings can be 100x fold. That means 100x is like this, if your video in Indonesian language (local video content) that 1 video can produce only 0.01 only, but if uploaded is bule video (english) it can direct $ 1 from 1 video in 1 day or even In just seconds or minutes, not amazing ....

That means you can save time because your video just a little ... it's just we have to KEYWORD KEYWORD RESEARCH, if your keyword pake a lot sought beda trangka american people, then we have 10-50 video only, 1 video for example can $ 5, Then $ 10 x 50 video = $ 500, if multiplied 13,500 yes 6jutaan.

PATTERN # 2 with local target video & counting on multiple channels

As I have given the super night tricks of the week, so if we make 50 channels and 1 channel can generate $ 10, then per month can be $ 10 x 50 = $ 500 x 13,500 = 6 million also ...

Well, you compare the same as PATTERN NUMBER 1 ABOVE, then the second pattern is more sacrifice your time. Although it's up to you, the choice is all your own depending on who determines.

PATTERN # 3 with just 1 video & take advantage of social media as viral marketing

But not This SPAM ... let alone order and order even invite friends / people to watch our video. It is not my intention...

What I mean is we do keyword research first what is most searched on youtube (of course according to passion / interest / hoby you), we make 1 video with SLIDE SHOW PHOTO-PHOTO only.merged in software movie maker or Which you can ...

After uploaded, make 50 to 100 facebook account kloningan to be your friend, 1 facebook cloningan try to have 100 friends also ...

A bit silly hell indeed this one way, but with this silly way there is also a successful youtuber to menghasilan thousands of dollars from just a few videos only and the video was not own.

But for PATI 3 this risk we tetep ketir ketir not calm, because sometimes youtube very cruel merciless to banned for youtube in violation. So, if you want to safely upload the video of your own (original) even though using PATI 3 God willing to remain safe.

PATTERN # 4 with only 1 Video + 100 bloggers

This is what I call the term teknk CUPU generate $ 600 per month from youtube that I wrote in the article sebelunya ... the same way as pattern # 3, it's just the promotional media that is blog.

The way is quite easy, you just create 1 VIDEO PROMOSI about your sale or BUSINESS made with slide show photos with applications such as windows movie maker or you can, Then after VIDEO uploaded on youtube, youtubenya link was EMBED (installed) To 100 blogs at once you've created before ...

Which each blog is given 1 to 2 articles about the video (articles may copy paste is okay because the ultimate goal is youtube not blog).

If only make 100 blog I think is very easy, maybe 2 hours kelar ... wong article just 1/2,

PATTERN # 5 Video Bule + Multiple Channels + Many Bloggers + Social Media + Facebook Cloning & Viral Marketing + Automatic Boot

If you are able to do this 5th PATTERN, of course in a short time can generate thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in a month ...

And this takes extra hard work day and night even maybe done not only alone but grouped in 1
community. For the boot problem myself, honestly I only know but have no experience about it.

PATTERN # 6 Create 1 Main Channel + 100 channels abal-abal + create playlists with keywords.

What do you mean?

If not clear, not clear ... well hehehe

This pattern is a combination as well ... please make 10 or more emails, then each email for 10 youtube channels with different channel names and different niche (topic) as well. More details and details as follows.

1. Determine the topic of your youtube channel (niche), for example about trains.

2. prepare 50 - 100 videos with the same topic already specified.

3. create 10 new emails

4. create 10 channels yuotube each email, but gradually 1 day enough for 3 channel, next day 3 channel again per email, and so on.

5. upload maximum 5-10 videos per channel per channel with original video or ori.

6. Create playlists or playlists on 100 other channels with video retrieving from the main channel.

7. if you want more josss and steady, upload also in channel abal-abal that 100 channel with video compilation or change video title.


Select which one?

What do you prefer?

Patterns 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

It's up to you ....

Actually there are many patterns that we can implement in dollars from adsense, especially through youtube .... but 3 first wrote for today .... "mipil, kakehen mengko mutok sampeyan" (gradually, most later vomiting), hehehe ...

The core of all the tricks above hell, if you want to succeed only 1 ie ACTION !, ACTION !, & ACTION !!

The thing to remember is that all there is no instant, from the above 3 PATI maybe you will just feel the result after 1 - 3 months ahead ...

And after the first success, I believe that SUCCESS you can enjoy until the end HAYAT or lifetime as long as your video still diyoutube on a continuous (continuous) even if you just stay ... hehehe

So it is possible, perhaps there are questions I will gladly answer as much as I can according to my knowledge and experience.

For the masters or the experience is a lot, the flying hours are amazing, I will feel happy if there is maste / mastah that provide additional knowledge other than those already written in this short article.

That alone may be an inspiration for you. Here I just write based on my knowledge alone and I am still a beginner.

Posts 5 Keys to Successfully Make $ 1000 Money with Youtube Special Beginner is just sharing without intending to teach. So hopefully useful and useful for you well and good luck in getting dollars from google adsense. Greetings bloggers !, regards youtuber !, best wishes for all. Aamiin.

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