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4 Creative Ideas to Build a Successful Youtube Channel in Indonesia

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Youtube Video Idea - In addition to being the center of information sharing, entertainment and public relations of public figures, YouTube has become a special attraction for certain people, every hour we are treated to interesting videos from creative humans on this earth.
Starting from students, students, laborers, artists, community leaders, and many more who are competing to convey ideas of ideas and then packaged in the form of creative videos.
And some successful youtuber Indonesia
including Bayu Skak with his distinctive Javanese comedy, Edho Zell, Vindi with a hijab makeup tutorial or an anonymous channel like Last day Production, Lentera Islam.
They are so focused, they have content with clear themes and original videos made by themselves.Comedy, Short Film, Tutorial, Tausyah Religion.
But in our country, few young people like Bayu Skak and Edho Zell are so creative and resilient, believing in their abilities, not underestimating the slightest progress until their channel is so well known today.
If today has an idea to create a Youtube Channel, I would say make it now, here we summarize the 4 creative ideas to build a successful youtube channel in Indonesia

Video About Social Experiment

This type of video is very simple but needed a strong mentality in the process of making it.
Setting a place for this video must be outdoor, you need to meet people on the streets, can be in the park, CFD, bus stop, wherever the places - places where people gather.
One example of video social experiment is, you make a video about the different reactions when you really need help in front of the rich and poor, from where we can know he is poor or not?
Try this experiment to homeless / homeless and office people, how the reaction of both then packed video is as interesting as possible.
I have quite a number of subscribed channels that focus on social experiment from overseas youtube channel, their video is very interesting and successful make me so curious and return visit their channel every week.
Is not this an opportunity for you?

Video About Prank / Iseng

Have you ever met a tv show that hobbinya ngerjain people?
Or maybe even that's your favorite show? Well try deh you make a video like that but with a concept that is simpler so as not to drain your expenses.
It should be prank video entered social experiment category as well, but I want to discuss it in particular. Examples of simple prank video is zombie prank, you wear zombie costume then scare
people in the streets, this is very unique but need a strong mentality.In the process pembennya, you also must be vigilant loh ya, do not even get hit
the victim you are working on.

Video About Homeless / Bum

Have a high social spirit? There is no harm in you giving this moment to give this in the form of a video that you then packed as interestingly as possible in order to inspire others to act like you.
Where can you make this kind of video? Too many people are entitled to be assisted in our country, we will easily find homeless, street children and others on the streets.
The idea of ​​helping this homeless is very unique to me, but if you feel hesitant and worried about being put on display, please blur your face in the video, so it will taste better.

Videos About Planting Crops

If you are born from a family with a farming background, hobbies gardening and farming, it seems like this one creative idea is perfect for you.
With a slight modification of traditional cultivation to a more modern cultivation with minimalist impression, I'm sure your channel will get bigger and more customers drop by.
And we never know, from some of the videos that you upload it, even gave birth to a new business for you and your family in addition to income from youtube itself one day later.
All of these creative ideas will never succeed without your patience, perseverance and perseverance.
Then I emphasize once again, make a quality video to watch and become a kind of opium, or if you can not do it, make original video, do not try to hijack other people's work, because it's a very bad act, is not it?

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