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5 Ways To Rank Your Youtube Video Higher At Search Engines

Youtube is the second search engine after google, has 92 billion view pages per month which also gives huge traffic to the web and blogs, and about 35 hours of video uploaded every minute.Youtube also allows for the monetization of your video content. When you get enough views, then you can make money from youtube vidoe, so knowing how to rank your youtubevideos higher in search engines so important.
Even so, uploading videos is not enough to get a view on youtube until you become a brand or a big company like a music company. We usually create videos like entertainment videos, tutorials, tips, and other niche videos, then upload them to youtube. This video needs to have good quality and unique content to get a good view.
You have uploaded a video on youtube but have not got the view yet? Think again why someone will watch your video or how your video is found in search results. Youtube video also needs SEO optimization to get ranked in search results. Now we talk about how to get traffic to your youtube video, some tips below you can try.
But before going into the tips, you need to understand if youtube has its own algorithm to rate a video. Even if you buy inorganic youtube traffic, this does not guarantee that your video will be ranked higher. One of the known factors in the youtube video ranking is the view time. When a user starts watching your video, and stops in the first few seconds, chances are your rank will drop. So make sure you work hard to create an interesting youtube vido, and use thumbnails that draw attention to get more CTR (click through rate) from related and embedded videos. The addition of custom thumbnails to your videos can have a drastic impact on the CTR that will boost your rankings.
Now let's take a look at the most important tips, which will help you get more traffic to your videos.

How To Rank Your Youtube Videos Higher At Search Engines Through The Use Of The Proper Title And Keywords

The video title is the name of your video that lets a person know what is in it. Selecting a title that fits perfectly into the video content will be excellent for visitors as well as for the youtube algorithm for SEO. Giving a title that matches the video content is how you can get SEO video optimization.
Video Content Explanation
Write a description of the video content. Explanations in the first two to three lines mean a lot to get high rankings in search engines. Provide a short description in 2 to 3 lines covering the theme of the video and what's in the video. You can also use the auto-complete keyword phrase in the search engine as your description. If the keywords you searched fit within the first two lines of your video description, then the video will rank higher. So write your video descriptions precisely to match the search keywords.
Giving Video Name Before Uploaded
You have created and edited the video and are ready to upload it on youtube, but you are using an incorrect name in the file. Make sure you name a video with the format keyword_key.mp4. Giving the video file name focusing on the keyword actually tells the search engine what's inside the video. The search engine can not see into the video content, the file name tells the algorithm what the content of your video is. Giving video names and video titles helps search engines ease the video index and put it in a higher rank. So use target keywords in your video file name.
Use Closed Caption (CC) In Your Videos On Youtube
Use the closed caption feature on youtube. Closed Caption will display your text on videos that can help audiences mamahami narrative videos and can be translated into different languages.So upload your video transcript. The transcript actually contains the text of what is said in the video. The new youtube algorithm automatically changes your voice to transcripts that make it easier to activate it or you can also write closed caption when the video does not have sound.
Using closed caption to be a new way to get into the search engine index because there are keywords written there. In addition, writing transcripts to video descriptions makes your videos search engine friendly. You can also use services such as caption for youtube, to create captions for videos uploaded on youtube.

Use Tags And Keyword Research In Youtube Video

Tags so another important way to get ranked on youtube search, here are some tips for using tags in video:
  • Create a list of specific tags, write key keywords. Doing this will give a load in the algorithm
  • Generate a list of common tags, write appropriate general keywords. For example, if your main keyword is "Shoutmeloud" then common tags can be "blogging tips," or "wordpress help." You can use the Tubebuddy tool to help find the right tags to use in the video. This tool also shows ratings for specific keywords. This tool has been used by many youtubers and is highly recommended for your youtube channel.
  • Also include tags with misspellings, for example if you have the keyword "real SEO" then also include "SEO sesunggguhnya." To know how people search for your video, check on youtube analytics and traffic resources.
  • Include the singular and plural forms of your tags, for example for the keyword "Tattoo Art" then include "Tattoo Arts," and separate keywords into different tags like "Tattoo" and "Art."
  • Include phrases to tags like your long tail keywords.
Keyword ideas become an important part of SEO. You can not find all possible keywords to include in your video, use Google Display Planner to get keyword ideas. Basically google has two tools of this kind namely Keyword Planner and Display Planner. You can use Display planner to get relevant keywords.
Display Planner not only gives a large number of keywords, but also provides a sense of the keyword being searched. Download this set of ideas in an excel file and set these keywords and phrases into your tags, titles, and descriptions. Having the same target keyword in the video title, description, and tag will make the video go index and rank it in the search engine.
In addition to the 5 tips above, here are some additional guidelines for you before uploading videos on youtube:
  • Video content. The first area that people fail to understand is about the videos they create. YouTube is not a shopping website. You can not make purchases on this platform. So why would you create a sales video? It does not matter if you use youtube to host your videos but people do not care about your product. Youtube users are looking for content to help them solve problems or learn a skill. Therefore you need to focus your content appropriately.Some good examples include video tutorials, videos how to do things like how to get an ebook ranking on amazon, and video reviews (for products, business reviews, etc.). To prove it, visit google and search for content related to that exemplified earlier and you will see lots of youtube videos appearing in search results. This shows google sure the video is the best way to answer this search.
  • Video duration. Youtube is constantly updating search algorithms to provide a better user experience. Youtube quickly changed its algorithm to overcome various obstacles but some of the following have important roles:
  1. The number of comments your video received
  2. The total seconds that users spend watching your videos
  3. The number of videos received
  4. The number of times the video is shared on social media
  5. The number of times the video is on another web
The above factors make youtuber create better videos with more precise content to satisfy the algorithm. Although there is no official guide on how long you should make a video but it is always advisable to make a video at least 2 minutes long. The ratio is simple, the longer the user can stay watching your video, the better for your video ranking. Therefore, having longer duration videos will add the total seconds that users spend on your videos. The point is, to keep viewers from moving away from your videos, do not create bad content. Create videos that people want to watch and share.
  • Add a link to your website. Your job is to approach the audience and direct them to your web. Your web is the place to complete the marketing process, by attracting their attention, making sales, clicking ads, and so on.
After adding the link, you need to optimize the video description. This is another area for youtube to find signals about your video content. Here are some tips for optimizing your video descriptions:
  • At least write content with 200 words
  • Do not use duplicate content. This means that each of your videos needs different descriptions
  • Keywords do not overdo it. There is a risk of penalty for excessive use of keywords.
Once you know how to rank your youtube videos higher in search engines, in the end, it's up to you to create an interesting youtube video. Especially when you do video tutorials, you need to focus on your target audience, and prepare a script targeted to your audience. Make sure you ask the viewer to like and share your videos on favorite social networking sites. One good youtube SEO tips for bloggers is embed videos in blog posts, as this helps you get more views. Youtube is a very influential platform and can generate a lot of traffic to your website. Follow the simple steps outlined above and see the results in your rankings.

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