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5 Your Blood Sugar Sign Too High (and How To Overcome It)

High blood sugar levels are not only owned by diabetics alone, but healthy people - including you can also experience it. Although people who have high blood sugar signs have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus or pre-diabetes. Many people may not be aware that their blood sugar is rising and this is quite dangerous. Therefore, know the symptoms and signs of high blood sugar in your body.
Various symptoms and signs of high blood sugar

The increased blood sugar condition is definitely changing your body's function at that time. Here are the various signs of high blood sugar on the body that you should know:
1. Always feel thirsty, but often urinate

Be careful if you always feel thirsty despite drinking lots of water. Undeterred thirst is the most common sign of high blood sugar. This is because your kidney function is interrupted shortly after the body is unable to control blood sugar. The fluid that should be reabsorbed by the kidneys, it comes out with sugar. This condition eventually makes you lack of fluids and frequent urination at once.
2. Feeling tired

Sugar is the main source of energy in the body. If the blood sugar is high, the body should have more energy. But in fact high blood sugar can not be treated properly and disrupt the function of insulin, so the body does not process it and eventually lack of energy. Conditions that make you become tired quickly.
3. Always hungry, but lose weight instead

Although it has eaten a lot, still blood sugar is not processed into energy due to too much. Your body's cells do not get food, so you feel constantly hungry and your appetite increases. This condition can also make you lose weight suddenly.
4. Vision becomes blurred

Another sign of high blood sugar is a decreased viewing ability. So, as the blood sugar rises, the body is unable to make the energy it should use to fuel all body tissues, including the nervous system. In this case, the neural network on the senses of vision can also be disturbed, eventually your vision becomes blurred.
5. Dry mouth

Dry mouth or commonly referred to as xerostomia , is a sign of high blood sugar. High blood sugar causes the salivary glands to interfere so as not to produce saliva normally. Usually the symptoms are also experienced when experiencing this condition is pain and pain in the gums and teeth.
How to keep blood sugar levels normal and stable?

Blood sugar levels are closely related to your diet and lifestyle everyday. If you experience elevated blood sugar levels, then try to consider and evaluate your current lifestyle. Eating food uncontrollably and not seeing the calorie or serving needs can make your blood sugar level jump. Moreover not accompanied by routine exercise habits, it is not impossible in the end you will experience diabetes mellitus.

It is difficult to control a high appetite and hold the stomach to not rumble. Especially if you have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus or pre-diabetes . Whereas in these conditions, you are required to control the portion of food and choose the right type of food.

One of the things that can help you from excessive hunger and not cause blood sugar soaring is to choose a healthy snack and filling, like SOYJOY . SOYJOY is a healthy snack made from soybeans rich in fiber and protein so that it is digested slowly by the body and can control appetite. In addition, SOYJOY also contains a low glycemic index so it does not rapidly increase your blood sugar levels after taking them.

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