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6 Ways to Earn Youtube Income Up To Millions Rupiah Per Month In addition to Google Adsense

Making money from youtube is a desire of many people.
Almost everyone who met youtuber must ask the same question:
"Emang lo can get income from youtube make a video like that?"
That's also a question that I often hear from old friends when they just met me.
And I must answer like this:
"It's okay to make a purchase to buy the same snack at a stall. Hehehe."
I think it's natural that people are curious and wondering that way.
Try to see for yourself, on Youtube a lot of videos that are really intent of everything.Starting from location set, wow edits, diverse video properties, and more.
No doubt, if the cost of producing such a video requires a lot of money.
Rent the location lah, pay players lah, rent a reliable video editor is, all the main things.
Why do you want to spend a lot of money for a youtube video?
Yes because it can get revenue from youtube they dare to spend budget jor-rod for production.
Actually it's not so secret anymore, a youtuber can earn money from youtube. Even that income can support our daily needs.
A Tara Arts also earns the equivalent of a CEO of a large company. Result from him ngeyoutube.
Then how do they generate from youtube?
Okay relax. In this post I will explore completely about how to earn revenue from youtube.
Are you ready?
But before..
Perhaps this guide is only suitable for beginners whose youtubenya channel is not yet productive. Or a medium-sized youtuber that has started to generate, but only slightly.
This guide is not suitable for you who have managed to generate tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars from Youtube.
For you who already expert, if you wish you can tell about your experience about generating tens of millions of dollars from youtube. Please write in the comments field of this guide.
I think we will be greatly helped by your valuable experience.
Oh yes, this guide is also not suitable for you who want to earn money from youtube instantly. No no no .
Here there is no such instant way.
Okay go ahead.
Sure, the first thing you should do before generating from youtube is ...

Create a Successful Youtube Channel

Having a successful youtube channel is a dream of youtubers.
Number of followers a lot, number of views many, and became famous.
Not to forget also, make a lot of money.
Creating a successful youtube channel is hard hard easy.
Arguably hard, because as a beginner usually do not know how the steps to prepare youtubenya channel to be successful.
Said easy, because for those who already know the technique, will very easily create a successful youtube channel.
If you want your youtube channel to be successful, then you have to prepare well .
The steps are as follows:
  1. Channel topic selection . Choose a topic you like or master.
  2. Analyze your competitors . See and note their advantages and disadvantages.Apply their strengths to your channel.
  3. Define your target audience . So that later you know what kind of content is suitable for them. And also you know how your video marketing techniques to them.
  4. Specifies the content you want to upload . Do not forget to think about the budget for each video produced.
  5. Action! Do everything you've planned.
There are things you should know about earning from youtube that is ...

Make Money from Youtube Not Instant

Yes this is the fact ...
To get money from youtube does not happen overnight. It needs struggle, perseverance, and patience to be able to successfully make money from youtube.
Rather than in the early days already thinking about income ...
Mending your focus:
  • Build youtube channel to succeed
  • Branding branding branding
  • Improve the quality of your content
  • Consistently upload videos on your youtube channel
  • A monthly review of how to improve your youtube channel.
In a way, ngeyoutube is like doing business. You as the owner, the manager, the actor, the video maker, everything ... Your video is the product of the business.
You do have to be serious and full of planning. In order for youtube channel you can grow according to your wishes.
So, if anyone says make money from youtube can instantly ...
It is a lie.
Even if you can put adsense in the beginning when youtube channel you have not developed, yes the result is very small. Not entering the kitchen money.
Ngeyoutube is about how you learn, action, and fail. Trial and error. Until one day you will find your own success formula.

Content is a King

Content in this youtube video yes.
Maybe this is often you hear out there. Yes it is true as it is.
Quality content is everything.
Because the content is what makes youtube channel agan "live". If there is no quality content, then the slow ocean youtube channel will be "dead".
Tips on creating quality content:
  • Create a DIFFERENT content from your competitors. Why? To make you more visible to your prospective viewers.
  • Practice continuously. The ability to make your video will increase if done regularly and consistently.
  • Do it now! Do not procrastinate.

When Should You Start Monetizing Your Youtube Channel?

Hmm ...
Actually there is no definite benchmark on this. He said it should be 6 months old, or wait for the age of your channel a new year monetised.
Each channel is not the same. Varied.
There are 6 months can already generate from youtubenya channel. There are even 2 new years can produce.
Depending on how serious and focused you are in taking care of your youtube channel.
But at least you must meet these requirements before deciding to monetize your youtube channel:
  1. Your channel does not violate copyright and other Youtube rules.
  2. Already have LOYAL viewers.
  3. Engagement with your viewers is great. There is often an interaction between you and the viewers.
  4. You want to monetize your youtube channel in any way.
Google Adsense can be installed from the beginning ngeyoutube? Why meet it all?
Yes indeed can, just crawl the boss. The result is very small, to the extent not plasticity so.Not in the bag. Hehehe.
Rather than ambitious with earning in the beginning, mending focus to build youtube channel first to be successful.
Anyways also ...

Earnings from Youtube Not just Google Adsense Boss!

There are many that can be used as a source of income from youtube. I'll explain soon.
I sometimes confuse the people who messy youtubenya channel, just make it, but already already complicated mikirin about Google Adsense.
Are you really ambitious with this Adsense on Youtube?
Fact: Indonesian CPM is very small!
Cuman averages $ 1.36 per 1000 impressions of ads.
Meaning ...
You should try harder to find views if you want a great income from Adsense.
Next we get to the point of this guide.
That is…

Sources of Income from Youtube You Can Try

I assume you already have a youtube channel that is already pretty loyal viewers. And of course it can be monetized.
Remember, you should keep your channel protected from copyright issues . So do not ever use music or other people's videos yes.
Straight to…

Google Adsense

google adsense on youtube
Why google adsense? He said besides this one?
Relax, I want to explain in general only. Since there are already many discussed about this adsense.
To be able to produce from Google Adsense of course you have to become a partner Youtube and register Google Adsense.
How to list and tips keterima Adsense I have described in the previous guide. Please read it again if you forget.
Honestly, I myself rather less like the same Adsense on Youtube.
As I mentioned earlier and in the past guide, CPM Indonesia is a small boss. It's hard to get money into the wallet.
But there is no harm if you still want to use Adsense as a source of income from youtube.
Emang calculation like how the hell?
Maybe an article from NGELAG.com about calculating adsense revenue on youtube can help. Please check!
Now, for cairin money from Google Adsense can already transfer local bank you know. If you used to use WU, cairin through checks, and others.
Fortunately, it has been made easier.
Tips 'play' Adsense on Youtube:
  • Do not re-upload. Indirectly you are called other people's video thieves.
  • Do not buy views. What for? Youtube now know which views from bots and which ones are organic. Obviously, youtube prefers organic ones.
  • Focus on building quality content that your viewers want.
  • Diligently upload content. Because the more monetised view = $$$ more and more
  • Bottom line play safe wrote. Youtube again often banned-banned account that likes to use instant or black hat way.
Actually Google Adsense is suitable for all circles anyway. Because it's most practical. You just need ...
list> activate ads> expand quality content> views lots> get money
The next way is ...

Merchandise Sale

Currently, quite a lot of youtuber who have started selling merchandise through youtubenya channel. Starting from t-shirts, jackets, hodies, knick-knacks, until the mug was on sale.
Actually, youtube channel with any topic can sell merchandises. But usually it's a lot of merchandise sell it youtube channel with a relaxed topic. Such as gaming, comedy, personality, and others.
Pewdiepie. Youtuber gaming has the largest subscriber is also selling merchandise as one source of income from youtube he.
If in the country, there is Last Day Production. They sell merchandises like t-shirts and hoodies as well. Earnings? Not bad boss!
You can also use this way to earn money from youtube.
How to do it?
First, you have to ...

Determining the Goods You Want to Make Merchandise

Yep. This is an important first step.
You have to know what items you will make merchandise. Whether it's t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, pens, notebooks, and so on.
Tips on determining merchandise:
  • Think about the items that characterize you all this time. For example, a T-shirt that you deliberately production to use in every video. Or a mug that becomes a property in each of your videos. Think!
  • Try your merchandise later suitable for your viewers. For example shirts, I think everyone can use t-shirts. So yes safe aja.
  • Make sure your merchandise will not violate the copyrights of others.
Once you know what kind of merchandise you sell, then you should ...

Finding Your Merchandise Production Place Information

Things you need to consider when looking for merchandise production sites:
  • Production price per pcs.
  • Quality of goods produced.
  • Minimum order of goods how many.
  • How long does it take.
  • If the goods produced there are defective, there is compensation or not.
My suggestion is to search for more than 1 production place.
In addition because you can compare from one place to another, you also so know where the production is suitable for you.
The most important thing is: You can get the cheapest price to mengepres production budget.
If you want a practical one, you can use Tees.co.id website. On the website, you can produce and sell your merchandise at once.
The trick is practical and simple.
You just need to upload the design from your merchandise to the website.

Determining the Selling Price of your Merchandise

Determining the selling price is actually up to you. But, it's good you have to recognize your potential buyers (your viewers now). How old is she, girl or boy, where domicile, and ..
Whether your viewers are students or already working.
Usually, these things become a guide in determining the selling price of merchandise.
For example your viewers are students 14 to 16 years old. Yes maybe the price of merchandise does not pass from 100 thousand.
Since they are still students, it would be pretty hard to spend much money just to buy merchandise.
Different if your potential buyer is already working. Yes it does not matter if you fix the price of merchandise is more expensive than that.

Inform How to Buy Your Merchandise

Surely you must inform how to order merchandise that you sell.
Whether through WhatsApp chat or SMS or by email as possible. Inform with details.
Do not let due to lack of information how to order, viewers do not buy your merchandise.
And also, inform about how your merchandise is delivered to the buyer's premises.Whether using a shipping expedition or delivered directly by you or how.
Usually youtubers who already sell merchandise, have a website as a place they sell merchandise. You can also follow that way.
Or if you do not want to use the website ..
You can use social media like Instagram.
Just choose according to your needs.

Marketing Merchandise on your Youtube Channel

Like a product, it must be marketed to sell. Although you are already known by your loyal viewers, that does not mean you do not need to market the merchandise.
Proper marketing is necessary.
How to market your product the most appropriate and free of course through your youtube channel.
How to do it?
Use your merchandise as a property or costume in every video you upload.
I take the example of LastDayProduction. In some videos, they always use the merchandise as their costume.
There's Good Mythical Morning that always uses their merchandise in every video they upload.
You do not have to sell it by hard selling. Simply soft selling like that alone is good and more elegant look.

Serve Your Buyers Well

I think this is the most important part.
Satisfied whether or not your buyer depends how you serve them.
So my advice, serve them as well as possible.
They are your loyal viewers. They also contribute to making your youtube channel a success like this.
Tips to serve buyers:
  • Friendly. This is a must if you want buyers satisfied with your service.
  • Always smile. Because the smile makes things more cool. Aseeek.
  • Serve them patiently. Sometimes, there are typical buyers who are nanya-nanya and a bit nag.
You have to keep serving them as well as possible. Despite your position as an admired person, and they are people who admire you.
It can improve the relationship between you and the viewers. They become more loyal to you.

Offer Services

Does your youtube channel contain tutorial videos of the skills you have? Why do not you offer your services to the viewers?
Not bad lho it could be a source of income from youtube as well.
But before…
Make sure your content can solve the problems your audience has.
Suppose ...
Channel youtube you about design tutorial using photoshop. Yes the content you upload should be able to explain how to design using photoshop that is easy to learn.
The more satisfied the viewers are with your content, the more chance you will be to be hired by them.
So the point..
Create content that can solve problems from your viewers.

Tips Offer Services to Viewers on Youtube

I suppose your channel is about graphic design. So the tips:
  • Upload consistent video tutorials. Make sure your video is of good quality and can help viewers solve the problem.
  • Keep your relationship by interacting through the video comment field. Answer the questions about the design they are proposing in detail.
  • If you are receiving a design job, I suggest to make a video about the process of design work. So viewers can see your process working.
They can also assess your performance from the video. So make the video as good and as good as it is!
Oh yes, take advantage of also Live Streaming feature on youtube for live sketching / designing.
Functions the same, so viewers can see the process you create a design.
You can also QnA impromptu with your viewers. Counting ties closer to the viewers.

Determining your Service Price

I'm sure you already have the price of the services you offer.
The principle ...
The more rare your ability + lots of requests = the more expensive the price you offer
But keep adjusting with your audience yes. Do not let the price you give does not match the purchasing power of your audience.

Premium Video

Have you heard of Youtube Red ?
Youtube red is a form of cooperation by youtube and creators in creating premium content paid.
Simply put ...
We pay to watch the premium video.
You do not need to be a youtube red creator because in Indonesias not yet available. But you can follow the concept of youtube red for your youtube channel, which is making paid content .
How to do?
In the previous post I jelasin about unlisted video right? Simply put, the unlisted feature makes your video not visible in youtube search but can be accessed through the direct link you provide. Boom! That's the point.
You take advantage of this unlisted feature to make your premium videos to be searchable by viewers.
The scheme may be this:
Viewers pay some money> You provide a premium video link (unlisted video)> Viewers watch your premium videos.

Make Sure Your Premium Videos Are Worth More

Never make premium videos if you have not been able to present a higher value than your previous videos.
Imagine if you become a viewer on channel A.
You can watch videos of that quality for free on that channel. Then, you subscribe to premium videos there in the hope that the video has a new, high value thing.
But it turns out, there is nothing new you find. The quality is tantamount to free video.
Are you not disappointed?
I am sure the answer is "IYA".
Here are tips on making premium videos:
  • Make sure viewers get new things worth more than your free videos.
  • If your premium video is about a tutorial, explain it in detail and complete.
  • Make sure that your video content is easy to learn or practice.
  • If your premium video is about entertainment, make sure they get fresh and unmatched entertainment from your other free videos.
I give a shadow.
Suppose your channel is about learning hacking. Videos that you have uploaded may be just a general part about hacking only.
In the premium video you may be able to live hacking with the steps that can be followed by your viewers. I think, it will be very cool.
Or whatever it is.
The point is your premium video is worth more than the videos you've uploaded it.

Tips Offer Premium Video to your viewers

1. Make a Video Explanation with Premium Video
Yes .. Inside the video you can inform if you offer premium video. With condition, viewers pay some money to watch premium video.
Also explain why this premium video is better than the videos you've uploaded before.
Beritau is also an advantage of your premium video service. And also give a reason why viewers should subscribe to your premium video.
2. Make the Video Explanation Video Trailer on your Youtube Channel
First upload the explanatory video to your channel. Write the title, description, and give metatags.
Second, make the video as a video trailer. How:
Click "My channel" on the left side of the youtube website. Then…
Select "Add trailer" or "Change trailer" then select your explanation video. Make sure you've enabled the Video Trailer feature on your youtube channel.
3. Create a trailer of your Premium Videos
Have you ever been to a mall then offered a sample (usually a small cup of a cup) of a new dairy product? Although you do not know with the product, most baseball you already feel what it feels like.
And maybe in the future, you will buy the dairy products if you like the taste.
Well the concept is the same as that.
The trailer of every premium video you make with the goal of getting paid viewers to know about what your premium video is.
At least they have a reason to subscribe to your premium video.
Tips on creating an eye-catching trailer:
  • At the beginning, you briefly explain the theme of your premium video.
  • Show briefly the important part of the premium video. Maybe 1 or 2 points.
  • Lastly, close your trailer with the most part of the people later. Or the most important part of your premium video.
  • Duration from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
That's all about premium video.
Then next ...

Brand Deals

The majority of top Indonesian youtubers such as LDP, Chandraliow, SkinnyIndonesian24 "live" in this way. They work together with big brands to produce a paid video.
Meaning ...
The company supports the youtuber in the form of money and goods to be part of the youtuber video.
Gede boss!
You can also follow this way, but with condition:
  • Your channel already has many loyal viewers
  • The interaction between viewers and you are good
  • The content of your channel is unique and different from other channels.
  • Surely you've uploaded quality videos and are favored by your viewers
Do not forget to write a business email in the About section. So the company can easily contact you if they want to work with you.
Keep your attitude. Always fast response when contacted by the brand. Keep win-win-win negotiations.
Win to Brand, Win to You, and also Win to your Viewers.
Keep in mind:
Choose a partnership with a brand that aligns with the topic of your youtube channel.
For example your channel about technology. You can accept the call of cooperation from technology brands like Asus, Samsung, Apple, and others.

How to Promote Products on Youtube Videos

Maybe a video from Raditya Dika can explain how to promote products on your youtube video. Please watch!
The bottom line is soft and elegant. So viewers do not get annoyed with the product ads in your videos.
And the last one is ...

Affiliate Marketing

How affiliate marketing works on youtube may be almost the same as in the blog.
Usually this way is suitable for youtube channel with technology topic. But I do not say other topics can not use affiliate marketing lho yaa.
Can you.
In essence, the stuff you affiliate-that matches the topic of your channel. Suppose your channel is about cooking, maybe you can promote cooking utensils.
Unbox Therapy also uses affiliate marketing as one source of income from youtube he.
You can follow the affiliate program from Amazon if your channel has viewers from abroad.
Use the Lazada Affiliate Program , if your viewers are from Indonesia.
In addition to putting affiliate links in the video description, ask the viewers to click on the affiliate link if they want to buy the items in your video.
Well that's 6 ways to earn money from youtube. Plus Google Adsense so 7 ways deh.
You do not have to use all that way to get rich through youtube. Just select 1 or several ways, then focus.
I guarantee your youtube channel can be a money machine for you.
Just remind…

Viewers = $$$

You will not be able to generate on youtube if you do not have viewers yet.
So, always focus on developing your channel so your viewers will improve!
If your loyal viewers are now satisfied with what you're doing on youtube, then unknowingly they'll help promote your channel.
Automatically, your viewers are getting more.

Play Honest For Blessing

I never suggest you to use instant ways to develop your channel.
Start from bot views, sub for sub, buy subscriber, buy viewers, reupload videos of people, use other people's videos / music and other instant ways.
Let everything be organic. Why?
  • Your youtube channel will be safe from banned.
  • It will be easier to become famous. Surely well-known to the positive yes.
  • Your channel also looks good, cool and professional.
  • No cool-cool ngeyoutube using these instant ways. Cupu.
  • Brand never invited the cooperation of youtube channel that reupload other people's videos.
  • Sure, looking for revenue from youtube will become more BERKAH.
Diligent and consistent is the key.
Keep the spirit and do not give up! Believe, everything you have fought for on youtube certainly no one in vain.
You are finally at the end of this guide. If you've read up to this section, then you're a person who really intends to earn money from youtube.
All the secrets about generating on youtube I've revealed. Now it's your turn ...
Everything you read will be useless if you are not quick to practice it. Get started right now!
Do not forget to always pray, because ...
Action + Prayer = More Simplified
Share this guide with your friends or relatives so they also know how to earn money from youtube!
Lastly, if you have any questions about Youtube you want to ask, please write in the comment field below. You can also ask by email .
Successful greetings from Juragan!

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