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7 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger Video From The YouTube Team Leader

7 Tips Jadi Video Blogger Sukses dari Team Leader YouTubePhoto: ist.
Jakarta - Video blogging or vlogging is no longer just an activity to channel a hobby, but also has the potential to become a land of earnings for a serious and consistent to live it.Some vloggers (vide bloggers) Indonesia is quite popular in the virtual world, called Natasha Fahrani, Rachel Goddard and Cheryl Raissa.

In order to become a successful vlogger, there are several key strategies that need to be done. One of them by exist also on YouTube to boost viewers in his vlog. Having a YouTube channel is certainly very useful to make vlogs more known, especially if the channel is also popular with many subscribers.

How to successfully promote a vlog through the YouTube channel? These are tips from Niken Sasmaya, YouTube's Team Lead for Southeast Asia and Australia - New Zealand.

1. Create and Upload First Video
The first step, of course, create a YouTube channel and post just one video first. You are free to choose what content you want included in the video, and prioritize content that interests you.

"If you are always afraid to upload video, you will not go anywhere, so I always encourage people who really want to start, record video based on your passion, then see what kind of response from viewers," Niken said when talking with Wolipop in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

2. Consistent
The most important thing in running a YouTube channel to always exist and capture many viewers to fans, is commitment and consistency. Specify how many times you will upload new content in a certain frequency. For example, once a week, a week twice, bi-weekly or once a month.

"It should be always communicated in every post, so for example, say from the beginning every week will upload a video, every Wednesday, so fans already know.When you do not upload there will be pressure, that fans will definitely nyariin.Lots of youtubers already bigger now, when they are lazy to upload they will remember fans who are always waiting for new videos Create your own deadline and announce it to the viewers, "said the woman who joined on YouTube since 2.5 years ago.

3. Busyness Do not Be a Reason
Back to the matter of commitment, if you want to be a full-time blogger or youtubers, busy should not be a reason for 'absent' video upload. Niken exemplifies his superior, a director for YouTube Southeast Asia who is always preoccupied with duties and meetings in various countries. The boss also has a YouTube channel and he can still maintain the consistency of his content.

"The only one who is still able to maintain the YouTube channel is also inspiring me when I am tired of uploading new videos.This is also a tip for you guys, find someone who can motivate to always fill the channel content.Regardless what reasons to make, just one key Taking action, "the Niken message.

4. Combine Content
To prevent boredom, boredom or overcome when a clog of ideas, Niken suggests to combine video content that is difficult and easy to upload. For example, if your YouTube channel is about music, it's usually more complicated. After recording sound, video must also be created and there needs to be a sound editing process, video, and adjust between visual content and audio.

"It will take time, usually the advice I love is to mix their content, combine high quality content with ease, like Q & A with fans, create a video that reads fan questions from the comment section, it just takes one camera up front.I do not need a complicated editing, "said the woman who has also been on Google for five years.

5. Keep Proximity with Viewers
Niken says the key to the success of youtubers that sets it apart from the success of celebrities on television or in movies is the proximity they build with fans. Besides passing Q & A content, be diligent to reply comments from viewers. If your fans as youtubers or vloggers have enough, do not hesitate to hold meet and greet to further establish intimacy and seize the opportunity to capture new subscriber.

"Usually their fans are really loyal, some even give a gift to youtubers that can be used to develop their channel content," says the woman who loves traveling.

6. Be Yourself
The suburbs of Niken, youtubers and fast-growing vloggers are people of strong character and personality. They know the advantages of each and try to show it in the video by not imitating others.

"You have to recognize yourself and give the best of you.Your great youtubers are not trying to be somebody else," he explained.

7. Collaboration with Other Youtubers
"Another most effective tip now is to collaborate with other Youtubers.Youtubers Indonesia is very open, so even though its name is popular they still want to collaborate with new youtubers as long as the content is also interesting," said Niken.

At the end of the video, usually youtubers or popular vloggers will help promote your links through its channel. That way subscriber and fans to know the existence of your channel or vlog, and also interested to subscribe. (hst / hst)

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