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8 Secrets and Tips to Strengthen Body, Thigh, Arm, and Cheek Naturally

Bitseems, many tips just lead to how to manage the body only. Rarely do we see anyone giving tips to adjust specifically to peha, arms, or cheeks. Of course you are thinking, why specifically to your thighs, arms, or cheeks?

This is because these limbs are of concern to women. Now, try holding your arm. Big does not? Now, the bottom. See your thighs, big do not you? If so, look in the mirror, do you have a layered chin or not?Usually, when the chin is plated, the cheeks will look pierced as well.

For a man, the weight is more directed at the abdomen. Instead women, women's fat will accumulate in the thighs and arms.

You can follow the more complete tutorial, step by step , by reading the updated healthy diet tutorial .

8 Natural Healthy Diet Steps

I admit diet is a difficult activity, not all the oarang can do diet. To go on a diet requires continuous motivation and strong commitment. Moreover, the most natural diet, namely a healthy diet. The key to a healthy diet is not to give up!

Broadly speaking, natural healthy diet steps are as follows:

This article will not give specific tips for each limb. This is more to the combination or combination of ways to thin as a whole.

lose weight

There is no such thing as pills and slimming drugs, the following tips only require your seriousness only.Here's how to go on a natural and healthy diet:

1. Set the mind to thin (Mindset Diet)

Once you make the decision to lose weight, then you have to do it in earnest.

Do not procrastinate to do it, do it today! . Not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week. Usually this procrastination habit is a problem. If you're one of those who think like this, you will not be thin if you keep thinking like this.

The reason many people diet is because your mindset diet is too weak, which you should not mind "there is still tomorrow", but how to "tomorrow I can be thin".

Banayk people are committed to the diet right now, but 2 days, 3 days, or even a week later, they forget their own diet commitments, they unconsciously break their promise with calorie foods like soda, burgers, or even consciously " I am tired! just one day off holiday " .

I say, your diet will not work if your commitment is weak !

Another problem after a difficult diet, your weight down is not much, eh tetepi rise again. How can this be?

I say, this may be difficult for you to accept. Almost all activities are like that, we wake up from scratch, but one small mistake makes all mess. So, diet is also like that. I will give you 4 diet mindsets you have to plant.

Mental diet, strong mental, happy emotions, and a stable spiritual condition

Make no mistake, it does not mean you ignore the diet, but you should not be too hard on your own body. After the diet is done, it is natural if your weight goes up again, even more so than before. Do not panic!

Diets are just short-term activities you lose weight, the real problem is in mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

When you think of diet, what you think is just skin, you do not think about its content (mental, emotional, and spiritual). In order for the diet to work you must also have a strong mentality, happy emotions, and your calm spiritual condition.

2. Understand More Calories
Did you know, more calories burn when you sleep? But that does not mean sleep is more important than exercise. That is, a relaxed condition such as sleeping more can actually burn calories than stress conditions.

Actually, what is calorie?

Calorie is the unit to measure energy. Energy is what you need to move. If likened to car energy is gasoline (make car can move), human energy is calorie, and calorie can we get from food.

So, every time you move a lot, exercise, breathe, think, you burn calories in your body.

Well, people who are rather fat are people who have excess calories. They produce more calories than burning calories.

The next question is, how many average calories do humans need in daily activities?

For most women, the calories needed are 2000 calories per day, while most men are 2500. For women, in order to drop 1/2 kg, the calories should be burned approximately 1500 calories with an estimated time of one week. While men, 2000 calories.

As an illustration, the calories contained in fried rice is about 350 calories, and the calories contained in a standard burger is 250 calories.

The average number of calories in each meal vs. exercise to burn those calories

Well, the trick to thin is easy. Use all the calories you need every day. For example, if you need 1300 kcal per day, do not eat 2500 kcal for the day. If less than 1000 kcal, you will feel hungry and not powered.Try to take in the range 1000 - 1300 kcal. This is just an example, everyone else needs calorie.

For that I highly recommend to read my writing about healthy diet . There I explain about how to create a food journal and a healthy menu.

3. Eat a Little-Slightly

We already know that what causes obesity is excess calories. We also know that to reduce calories in addition to exercise is also to reduce food intake.

Then, what if we are hungry?

Reducing calories by reducing your intake of food will make your stomach hungry, this is why many people give up their dietary activities.

The solution is we need to eat foods that are low in calories but make us feel full all day. Or another trick is to create an activity that can make you forget that you are hungry.

Well, foods that are low in calories but can make you full day is a food that contains more protein, for example, beans. Water can also help.

Another trick is not to eat one serving at a time each day, but eat a little. Tips, if you can not reduce the portion of food, eat with a little but with a more frequent intensity. It is intended to use calories effectively.

4. Avoid Dinner Time

Do not eat or noctum at night, eat 4-6 hours before bedtime. Because if you eat and sleep immediately, the food will be dumped into fat.

The ideal time for an afternoon meal is around maghrib. Because after maghrib you will still do other activities.

do not wait like this for a diet

5. Avoid Foods with High Sugar Levels
Avoiding sugar is not for people with diabetes or diabetes alone. Avoiding sugar is actually important for everyone. You should eliminate drinking drinks soda packaging, because it is known that the drink has a high enough sugar levels.

In modern life like now, the most cause of people overweight just from high sugar levels. The greatest composition comes from the drinks we drink everyday.

Drinks are very easy to find in the environment, such as: soda-sodaan and juice-jusan. Not apart also from the many types of chocolate drinks, isotonic, etc..

Illustration of drinks containing excess sugar

In addition, drinks that contain lots of sugar, do not make you feel full!

Sugar is needed by human body, but not excess. Adequate sugar intake is like sugar contained in fruits.If you eat excessive sugars constantly, not the overweight you'll get, but worse.

If you can not leave this habit, it will be hard to lose weight.

6. Swap with Low-Fat Food

Back again, you need to know about the calorie content in each meal. Essentially you have to eat foods that have low calories.

The trick is, you can avoid all the foods cooked by frying, or eating cooked food by burning or boiling.

Then replace the habit of many rice foods or meat. Should replace the portion with vegetables and fruit.

the content of calories in vegetables

7. Frequent Exercise

Reducing calories with little will result in decreased metabolism. The decrease in metabolism will result in weak muscle 1 .

To make your muscles stronger, it is advisable to do regular exercises, such as push-ups, squats, sit-ups, jogging, or even marathon 2 .

Exercising does not have to be every day, all you need is a routine. doing small things like changing a motorcycle's habits to buy something that is pretty close to walking has also helped.

If you can do this on a long-term basis, you get not just ideal weight, but it will reduce your risk of getting ill, more energy, and happiness every day.

If you're used to it, you can try jogging every morning or gymnastics morning. To be more cool again, invite your family or friends.

8. Commitment to Being Skinny

Everything will not work if you do not have a strong commitment to thin, essentially you have to have a strong commitment to thin.

If you want more discipline, you can pay for Gym coach services to help your diet.

Good luck!

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