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9 How To Minimize Natural Bloated Stomach Quickly Proven

How to Shrink a Belly Stomach - Every person would want an ideal body shape, not too fat and also not too thin. Unfortunately, most of the people of the country still suffer from a distended stomach, especially those housewives who already have children.

Although not a serious health problem, but the presence of a distended belly makes the appearance less attractive. Not only that, distended stomach can also trigger more serious health problems again.

Several studies have shown stroke, diabetes, and heart attacks are mostly caused by a severe bloated stomach. Do not want to have the same fate like them?

How to Minimize Stomach Quickly Naturally Without Drugs

Having the ideal body shape as it once was not just a dream. As long as you can lose weight alone, actually the stomach will come back slim again.

Here are some tips to shrink belly that you can try.

1. Cardio Exercise

Many are misguided in shrink belly. They consider sit ups can make the stomach fast slim. Though the exercise is actually only useful to form the abdominal muscles, not burn fat. So no matter how hard you do sit ups will not be effective.

The proper initial exercise in shrinking the distended stomach is with cardio exercises. This exercise aims to burn excessive fat around the abdomen. There are many types of cardio exercises you can try, such as running, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, etc. Try at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Yoga practice

Yoga is a sport that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing. Research in India proves yoga can help remove excess gas in the stomach, so that digestion and eliminate fat folds in the abdomen.

At least there are four types of yoga is recommended enough to shrink the stomach, among others:

Tadasana and Urdhva hastasana

First stand on the yoga mat you've prepared before
Hand straight down beside the right and left of both feet
Slowly as you take a breath, raise your arms to the side until the position of both hands straight and fused over the head
Hold it for a while. Then lower it slowly while exhaling
That was just Tadasana. You can go on to the Urdhva hastasana movement. The way to spread both hands above the head first
Next put the two middle fingers together and the triangular shape.Slowly lean the body to the left approximately 5 seconds. Do it again for the right direction. It's easy?


Position the body down on the mat
Raise your legs upward as if stuck to the wall
Then hold on to the position a few seconds according to each ability
This kind of exercise is not only beneficial to shrink the stomach, but also can help overcome various problems of stomach health.

Lay your body on the mat, try to relax
Put both hands on the thigh and breathe slowly
Then pull both knees toward the chest with the position of the hands hugging both knees
Lift your body slightly and hold for about 10-15 seconds
Then release. Do it again in accordance with the ability of each.


Sit back and relax with your legs straight ahead
Gently lower your head toward the knee
Place your palms next to your soles
Hold in accordance with the ability of each.

Note : You do not have to try all the above yoga exercises. Simply select one only then do it regularly every day.

3. Sufficient fiber needs

Recently a research study at Harvard University proves 10 grams of fiber consumption can reduce fat by 3.7 percent in the body for five years.

To get 10 grams of fiber you can eat two small apples or a glass of peas.

4. Proper diet

The presence of bloated stomach is closely related to the consumption of excessive saturated fat. Saturated fat itself is common in beef, butter, and dairy products. We recommend that from now on you reduce the consumption of foods containing saturated fat.

As for the fat deposits in the stomach is not more and more, you can eat food sources of unsaturated fats such as from avocados and fish. However, make sure you eat the food in a reasonable amount. Because even though the unsaturated fat also contains many calories.

5. Reduce sweet foods and drinks

The sweet-sweet is not always good. In addition to triggering symptoms of diabetes, sweet foods can also increase weight you know. This is certainly a nightmare for you who want to have a slim body.

There are lots of high-calorie sweet foods that you should avoid. Starting from soft drinks, cakes, candy, syrup, and more. Instead, you can use a natural sweetener from honey that is rich in health benefits.

6. Consumption of lemon

Did you know about this one? Yes, lemon is the most sour orange fruit that is usually used to dissolve the dirt and fat on the plate.

Research proves the high salicylic acid content in lemons can actually help burn excessive calories in the body. A cup of lemon juice before breakfast every morning will be very effective to reduce belly fat.

Try not to add sweetener yes. Remember!

7. Reduce the portion of the meal

Almost 50% more owners of distended belly claimed to like to add food. Are you also one of them? Well if you want a slender stomach should start now reduce the ration to eat.

For example a day to eat 3 times, then you can reduce it to 2 times only. Also avoid dinner, because at night the body is not too active in burning calories.

8. Relieves stress

Stress can trigger the instability of hormones in the body when breaking glucose / sugar. If this condition lasts a long time it will cause many calories are buried in the body, especially the stomach.

Therefore, immediately overcome the stress that you experience. There are so many ways to deal with excessive stress that is powerful enough. For example with a vacation with family once a week, and others.

9. Regular and adequate sleep

Taking time off to rest can help optimize the organs of the body in performing fat burning metabolism. Make sure you sleep regularly in accordance with the schedule of each habit.

This regularity is very useful to optimize the metabolism when awakened later.In addition, you also have to sleep for at least 8 hours a day to keep the body fit.

How, try it? That's a few ways to shrink the distended stomach that you can try easily at home . Good luck and do not forget to share the results in the comment field yes.

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