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Activities That Can Cause Joint Pain And How To Overcome It

A lot of unconscious daily activity can cause joint pain. The location of the most common joint pain occurrence is in the knees, ankles and around the shoulders. Find out how you can treat it at home.

Joint pain is caused by an injury that affects the ligament and tendon tissue around the joint. Generally, joint pain causes pain in the injured part of the body, the severity and pain caused by joint 
pain vary from mild, moderate to severe levels.

Causes of Joint Pain

Various things can be a risk factor for joint pain, starting from poorly balanced nutrition, overweight, aging, occupation, stressful effects, daily physical activity and injury can also affect joint pain.

The cause of the joint pain itself is quite diverse, but some physical activity can also cause joint pain such as:
Stood too long

Standing that takes too long can cause joint pain, the article, the body will be given for long periods of time and affect the spaces between the joints, especially in the joints of the pelvis, knees and feet.If you have a job that requires standing most of the hour work, occasionally try to stretch your knees by bending the knee briefly alternately to minimize the occurrence of joint pain. Conversely, sitting or sleeping too long, can also trigger joint pain, due to space between the old joints are not used to move or support the body burden.
Lifting heavy loads

Lifting too heavy weights can also cause joint pain in the back. In addition to lifting heavy loads, lifting or moving goods with the wrong body position can also trigger joint pain in the back. When moving an item, be careful that back injuries can be avoided.

Various situations and activities, sometimes requiring us to jump to reach a destination, this often underestimated, it can cause joint pain and injury, if not careful in doing so.
Excessive sports

Exercise is indeed able to build muscle strength and maintain joint health but, if done excessively, exercise can also cause joint pain. Some sports are also suspected to trigger the occurrence of joint pain in certain body parts. Such as running and basketball that make the knee as a pedestal when jumping. In both types of exercise, the risk of experiencing joint pain in the knees and ankles tend to be greater.

A sprain caused by an injury during exercise can also cause joint pain in the injured part of the body. Generally, sports that require repetitive muscle movement such as badminton, oar, and golf are more at risk of sprain. Weightlifting and various types of exercises in sports gyms that are generally repetitive can also be the cause of injury and joint pain. Especially when done in the wrong way or pedestal, not done gradually, and without preceded by adequate warming.
Overcoming Joint Pain at Home

As an initial treatment of joint pain, you can do at home. You can try performing actions known as RICE ie:
Resting and maintaining affected joints, will provide recovery time for the joints, and reduce the pain it causes.
Cold temperatures exposed to ice in areas of joint pain will help to divert pain and reduce swelling if there is joint tissue injury. You can wrap the ice with a soft cloth and compress it on the joint.
Emphasis on the joints can be done using elastic bandages, to help help reduce swelling and maintain joint position. But make sure you do not wrap the bandage too tight, so that blood circulation is maintained.
Place parts of joint pain, higher than the body, for example by blocking a pillow on a leg or knee with joint pain.

In addition, you can also take a warm bath , especially in the morning for the body more relaxed, and the pain that appears can be reduced.

In addition to these simple treatments, you can also use a cream or topical medication that can be applied to parts of the body that experience joint pain. For example, topical medications that contain capsaicin. This drug can divert the joint pain experienced, so it feels reduced. Only, the content of capsaicin can cause the emergence of discomfort in the form of heat on the body part is applied cream.

Other topical medications that may be preferred are those containing diclofenacsodium . These drugs belong to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). In contrast to capsaicin, diclofenac sodium content can overcome the problem of joint pain without causing a burning sensation on the part of the body that is applied. This type of topical medication is known to be effective in joint pain in various areas of the body, such as the knees, legs, ankles, elbows, wrists and hands. In addition to its benefits for reducing pain, the anti-inflammatory properties of diclofenac sodium, can reduce the inflammatory reaction in the applied area.

To avoid the occurrence of joint pain, it's good if you always do stretching joints every before and after or on the sidelines of activity, exercise routine, avoid memforsir various activities, and live a healthy lifestyle.

If home treatment is not able to cope with joint pain experienced, immediately consult a doctor. Moreover, if accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling, looks red and painful when pressed or lasted more than two weeks despite treatment done at home.

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