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Be Careful, These 8 Herbal Supplements Can Not Be Consumed Before Entering Space Operation

If you are asked to undergo certain surgery by a doctor, there are many things to be prepared. Most medical procedures require you to fast for several hours before surgery. Sometimes, the consumption of certain drugs is still permitted at these times with certain requirements of the physician. But you need to pay attention is, do not haphazardly take herbal medicine . S ebab, there are some herbal supplements that must There avoid that if taken before the surgery may increase the risk of complications. Anything?
Why not take herbal supplements before surgery?

Many people do not know that there are some herbal supplements that should be avoided when it comes to surgery. They assume that all these herbal supplements are made from natural ingredients, and do not cause adverse effects to the body.

However, the fact that some herbal supplements are actually harmful for patients who will undergo certain medical actions. Each plant has side effects on the body and it may interfere with recovery after completion of surgery. Therefore the American Society of Anesthesiologist suggests that the use of supplements should be stopped 2-3 weeks before the medical operation is performed.

So, do not be fooled by the natural frills that supplements have. Indeed, not all supplements are bad for the body - and vice versa. If you have a certain medical condition and want to take supplements as a companion drug to recover quickly, then you should talk first to the doctor who handles you.
Then, what herbal supplements should be avoided ahead of medical surgery?

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, there are some herbal plant extracts are quite dangerous when consumed ahead of surgery, because it is feared to increase the risk of postoperative complications that can be dangerous. Here's the list
Supplements that can cause bleeding problems if taken before surgery:
Gingko biloba
Fish oil
Garlic extract
Dong quai
Supplements that may increase the risk of impaired heart function if taken before the operation
Kava plant extract
Flower echinacea

What are the effects of taking these herbal supplements ahead of surgery?

The various supplements mentioned previously have been shown to have an adverse effect on the patient's body of surgery. Consumption of these herbal medicines before surgery time will cause some disorders of body functions, such as:
Lowering the body's ability to clot blood. This will raise the risk of bleeding, because the patient's blood can not freeze quickly
Dilute blood, which is a risk of triggering severe bleeding during and postoperatively
Slows the blood clotting for postoperative recovery
Increase the risk of heart disease, such as stroke
Working contrary to medical drugs given by a doctor. This will make your recovery will be longer.
Lowering blood sugar ( hypoglycemia ), for example ginseng extract supplements.
How after the surgery is completed, whether such herbal supplements should also be avoided?

Some of the supplements mentioned earlier, should also be avoided when you are still in recovery. Typically, these supplements should be avoided for about 1-2 weeks after surgery. If you are confused, what supplements should be avoided after surgery, then you should ask the doctor who handles you.

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