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Blood Spots Like Menstruation Can Be Pregnant Feature

The main characteristic of pregnancy is that a woman no longer experiences menstruation. So, if you're trying to get pregnant , you may feel disappointed when you see a splash of brown blood on your regular monthly schedule. Although this may indeed indicate you have started menstruating again, blood spots can also be caused by implantation bleeding, which is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.
What is implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding is one of the most common signs and early pregnancy features. At least 1/3 of women will experience bleeding after fertilization. Many women who consider this mild spotting is the beginning of a new menstrual cycle, but implantation bleeding will not be as much as menstrual blood and lasts only a few hours to several days.

Once the egg is successfully fertilized by the sperm, the embryo begins to grow and sends a signal to the mother's body to prepare for pregnancy. Six to twelve days after conception, the embryo will swim close to the uterus and stick to its walls. When the embryo is embedded into the uterine wall, this can cause some minor bleeding. This type of mild spots will not harm the prospective baby, and most women who experience implanted bleeding will have a normal and healthy pregnancy.
What is the difference between menstrual blood spots and implanted bleeding as a feature of pregnancy?

Implant bleeding may look like menstruation, especially during the first few days of menstruation when you have fewer blood streams, or if you usually have mild menstruation, so you may feel confused when you see blood spots. Here's how to differentiate between menstruation and pregnant character hemorrhage, quoted from Parenting :
Notice the blood flow: the blood spots of pregnant traits are only mild and fewer, droplets, and will remain that way until the bleeding is over. Conversely, the blood of menstruation initially mild, but will be more rapid and thick. Implant bleeding does not contain blood clots, as is commonly present in menstrual blood.
Notice the color: menstrual blood is blood red, while the blood spots of pregnant features will be pink or brown. Implant bleeding may be blood red, but more commonly has a pink or brown color.

Time check: menstrual blood will flow continuously for the duration of your period without interruption, but implantation bleeding is often just a patch, sometimes occasionally not, for 1-2 days. The menstrual cycle lasts for 4-7 days. Implantation bleeding will arrive earlier than the initial estimate of your new menstrual cycle (usually 5-10 days after conception).

The severity of cramps: Menstruation and implantation bleeding can cause abdominal cramps, but menstrual cramps will feel stronger . A mild cramp that never increases severity can mean pregnant characteristics, especially if accompanied by pink or brown blood spots.

If the blood spots are also accompanied by a number of the following symptoms, it is highly likely that the bleeding you are experiencing is actually a sign that you are pregnant:
Owe eat and change the sense of taste
Increased body temperature drastically
Increase in basal body temperature
Breast pain
Late menstruation

Because bleeding occurs just days after conception, implantation bleeding is one of the earliest features of pregnancy, even before you start experiencing morning sickness aka nausea.

However, for many women, it seems that these two types of bleeding have no difference. Therefore, the best way to find out if you are pregnant or not is to wait a few more days and have a pregnancy test or hCG blood test in the hospital. Your last sexual intercourse with your partner may also help you find out: If it's been more than two weeks, your blood spots are most likely not caused by implantation bleeding.
When to watch out for blood spots?

Mild bleeding during pregnancy - even at times other than implantation - is generally normal. Causes can include a variety of things, ranging from sex until irritable uterus after pelvic, genital or vaginal infections .

Unlike the blood spots that become characteristic of pregnant, sometimes spots of blood arise after you are declared positive pregnant. If this happens, you may need to be aware of the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy ( pregnancy outside the womb ), molar pregnancy ( pregnant wine ), or miscarriage . If blood spots flow swiftly, with or without pain or cramps, contact your doctor so you can discuss other symptoms.

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