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Do It This Way If You Want to Make Youtube Channels That Can Make Money Within 90 Days!

Do It This Way If You Want to Make Youtube Channels That Can Make Money Within 90 Days!
All youtubers will want to have a successful channel. In that sense, many subscribers, their channels are well known, views are millions, and most importantly: make a lot of money from Youtube.
I'm sure, you who are reading this post also want to have a successful Youtube channel.
Bener not?
Lots of tutorials are spread out there. Starting from blog posts to video tutorials on Youtube.
But unfortunately…
There is not a single guide to how to create a detailed Youtube channel. And also, no one is reviewing how to create a successful Youtube channel.
They just tell the things that the reader or audience has actually known.
I do not want to merge. But that's reality. That's what I experienced when I decided to create a youtube channel the first time. Very difficult to find a guide that is really complete and practicable.
Is this post also the same as the others? Relax, in this post I will give you a complete guide on how to create a successful Youtube channel! From A to Z. Complete!
But before I want to tell you if:
Creating a successful Youtube channel can not be instantaneous. It takes hard work, consistency, and struggle.
Are you a creative, super cool person, and want to create a successful Youtube channel the right way?
If the answer is "IYA", then continue reading this guide.
If you want an instant way, I suggest you to close this guide. Because here there is no black hat way like: how to add subscriber using bots, add views using bots, and other "evil" ways.
ps: This guide contains 4000 more words, if you're in a hurry maybe you can just read the section you need, that is:
  • Getting Started Before Creating a Youtube Channel
  • Setting Up Youtube Channels to Get Ready (including signing up for Adsense)
  • Youtube Content Production
  • Promoting Videos Exactly to Your Youtube Channel is Growing Fast
All right, just go ...

Getting Started Before Creating a Youtube Channel

Everything needs preparation. Including also create a Youtube channel. If you want to create a successful Youtube channel, you should really prepare it well.
We start from ...

1. Define Channel Topics

Just like make a blog, make Youtube channel we should also determine the topic first.
Why is determining a topic so important?
Because this will be your future guideline when starting to create and upload videos to Youtube.
The topics for your channel can be in your interest, the hobby you often do, even your current job can be a topic for your Youtube channel.
Confused determine the topic?
Here's how ..
Now you write your interest as much as possible in a piece of paper. Like this..
Then, choose the 3 interests you like the most. Other interests may be crossed out or deleted.
From those 3 choices, you think, about which of your interests are videos.
Approximately which of the 3 interests you can make a video for.
Choose the most likely interest for you to create video content.
For example.
You are interested in astronomy. But, you feel that you can not afford to create a video with astronomy theme.
My advice, do not take the topic.
Again, choose the topics that are most likely for you to make a video!
Commonly used beginner youtuber errors:
  1. Do not specify the channel topic, so the channel content is gado-gado. Origin ngupload video.
  2. Do not understand the channel topic now. This is a real danger. You can get tired first before your channel is successful.
  3. Following the trend in defining channel topics. It's okay, but you have to understand the trend. If you do not understand, do not go along.
Then, maybe you ask ..
What topic I choose this can make money on Youtube?
My answer:
Do not make money as the main focus when you just create a Youtube channel.
Because, when the pioneer and you down, then you will give up ahead before success.
In essence, you should like it first. Money will come later.

2. Analyze Your Competitors

Youtube is vast. Of course many people who already make the channel the same as the topic you choose. Moreover, general topics such as: gaming, vloging, comedy sketches, and others.
You have to know who your competitors are. Analyze their channel. Find the advantages of what channel they are, and also what deficiencies.
Search and write as much as possible!
Why should you analyze competitors?
  • You will know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  • From a competitor's weakness, you get to understand what is not good for your youtube channel later.
  • You can apply the advantages of competitors on your youtube channel.
  • You have a guide on how to make your youtube channel better than competitors.
You do not have to be better than them. But…
You must be more different than your competitors!
So, analyze them as best and as detailed as possible.

3. Define Target Audience

Defining the target audience is an important one after defining the youtube channel topic.
Proverbial like making a business, of course you have to know to whom you will sell your product. Starting from the region where, what age, and others. So you are more targeted and targeted in selling your product.
So also with Youtube channel.
You must define your target audience or YouTube channel audience. Starting from what age range, men or women, what jobs, keep the area where (whether you are targeting audiences from the region, national or abroad). That's complete!
Ngomongin about age ..
According to Eric Blattberg most Youtube visitors in March 2015 is from the age of 25-34years.
Then, do not forget to ...
Prepare a name for your audience.
Why is this important?
Because it's unique and your audience will feel part of your video. In essence, giving your audience a name to make your interaction more interesting to the audience. Steady deh!
Here is an example of Top Youtuber that gives a name to its channel audience:
  1. PewDiePie - Bros
  2. Reza Oktovian - Rapstrounot
  3. Saaih Halilintar - SaSquad
  4. and others
Tips on choosing a name for your Youtube audience / subscriber channel:
  • Choose a word that is clear and easy to remember.
  • Do not be too long, 2 words is enough.
  • Maybe you can add the words "Troops", "Squad", "Family", and others at the end of the word. Suppose your channel name is Maliq, maybe the name for your audience is Maliq Family. Just simple as that.
  • You'll love the call.

4. Determine Your Content

Youtube is a platform that contains various types of videos. Starting from sketch, vlog, stopmotion, and others.
According to Youtube Blog there are 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute. Wow!
You have to think, on this Youtube channel you want to upload what video? What is a comedy sketch video? What is a vlog? or maybe a whiteboard video?
Essentially you have to know what you will upload on that channel.
Obviously the content should match the topic of your channel.
Suppose the topic of your Youtube channel is about health. Maybe you can make a video stopmotion that explains about how to live healthy, what foods are good to eat when sick, and others.
I'm sure, it's definitely interesting!
And no less important is the duration. The average duration of an average Youtube video is 4-6 minutes . Usually more than that the audience will start to get bored.
But there are exceptions.
Regarding the duration I will discuss the upcoming dipostingan yaa!
This is most important if you want to create successful content:
Creating a shareable video!
Example of a shareable video:
Unique and brand new - Mr. Gear
Nyeleneh and entertaining - Yudist Ardhana
5. Resource and Budgeting
I am not grandiose, everything must require capital. Creating a successful Youtube channel also requires capital.
Starting from the camera, audio recorder, laptop to ngedit, and others.
In this step, I suggest you write whatever resource you have.
Suppose you already have dslr camera to record video, you already have laptop to edit, and others. Write it all down.
Then if you do not have a dslr camera how dong?
Use your smartphone's camera to record videos. That's enough. In the next post, I will discuss this in detail.
And also, you can borrow other tools to your friends who have.
I recommend for beginners, use the resources you have first . Try to borrow if you do not have. Do not always buy for the budget.
And for budgeting, you have to write it down properly. Roughly for 1 video what does it cost? Where do these cost allocations go? Where do I get those fees? Complete.
So you know clearly where your income and expenses for your Youtube channel. With the goal, so that later you can analyze your budget, oh this is too swollen, oh this is enough, and others.
After the preparation process, let's move on to ..

Create a Youtube Channel and Setting it

I do not explain how to create a Youtube account, because the way is very easy and I think you also have to know how. So I skip this one.
Let's move on to more important things.
Okay, I assume you already have a Youtube account and have made a channel in it.
The things you need to do now are:
  1. Change the profile photo of your Youtube channel.
  2. Install pictures / photos for channel art.
  3. Write a channel description.
  4. Adding media and other social buttons.
  5. Verify Youtube partner
  6. Sign up on Google Adsense
Okay, right away we start the first ..

1. Change Profile Channel Photos

Just like changing profile photos in other social media, you just need to click the profile icon image, then you will redirect to your Google Plus account. Now just change there. Easy really!

2. Install Pictures for Channel Art

It's also not easy to lose, just click this click, save, finish deh! For channel art, Youtube provides some pictures that you can use on your channel art. The picture selection looks like this ...
You can upload the channel art you have prepared. Or if you have not got a good picture and suitable for your channel art, maybe this one website can (very) help.
This website is named Canva.
Relax, the link above is not an affiliate. I recommend the website because it's really cool and very helpful.
You sign up first, then just click this click, drag here drag situ, so deh cool picture for your channel art. Please try!

3. Write Your Youtube Channel Description

One of the most important on your Youtube channel is the channel description.
Because most Youtube visitors when opening a channel profile will click "About" to see what channel he opened it about what the hell.
As the name suggests, Channel Description is a space for you to explain briefly and clearly about what your channel is.
Then how to write a good channel description?
Here are tips on writing a good description channel:
  • Explain briefly and concisely about your channel in the first sentence.
  • Beritau your potential audience / audience about your video upload schedule. Let's say you upload a video every Saturday.
  • Also include your contacts (e.g. email) for collaboration, even cooperation or sponsorship!
  • And anything else you want to write to your potential audience.
Maybe an example like this ...
As simple as that.

4. Adding Button Social Media

Do you know that on Youtube channel there is space to promote your other social media?Here it is.
The trick is easy, you just click "+ Links" it, then you paste your social media link in the field that has been provided and then click "Done".

5. Verify Youtube Partner

Here I emphasize, this is not to verify your Youtube channel that there is a tick mark (√) next to the name of the channel yes, but verify as a partner Youtube.
What is it for?
This is one condition to be able to register your Youtube channel to Google Adsense.Which means in a little while, you can start making money from Youtube!
The trick, you go first to "Creator Studio", then click "Channel" on the left side, then click the blue "Verify" button.
After that you are required to fill in the mobile phone number to send the verification code.Just follow the steps. Easy!
And this is the part you're most waiting for ...

5. Sign up for Google Adsense and Start Making Money!

This one ya, this one .. that make added spirit of work on Youtube yes money from Google Adsense. Previously, you had to register your channel to Google Adsense.
In the "Channel" there is a box that reads "Monetization" now that click on "enable" it. Then you will redirect to a page like this.
Click "get started".
Then click "I accept".
You just need to follow step by step easily. After that do not forget to fill your data correctly in the column of personal information in Google Adsense. Because it relates to your payment address.
Basically, Adsense list via Youtube is easy. If you follow the terms and do not violate the rules of Youtube, I guarantee you will receive.
The "rather difficult" it yaa increase the balance Adsensenya.
Hmm ...
I'm not saying making a lot of money through Adsense is very hard, it can be really!
But you have to know about ...

Facts CPM Indonesia that make Heart Miris!

CPM is only $ 1.36 gan! Want to cry to see it. Very small.
But calmly, in a special post I will explain how Youtuber can make money with a lot other than through Adsense. Wait for ya!
By the way ..
CPM (cost per mile) is the average gross revenue you earn per thousand of ad impressions.
Or let me be clearer, you can watch this video from Agung Hapsah :
My advice, if you want to focus on making a lot of money from Adsense, target viewers from abroad and make content that suits them. Large foreign CPM rates are from Canada, Australia, and others.
Remember, not all of your video views count for monetization. Only monetized views.
Perhaps this article about Tara Arts Income can explain further difference of earnings between Adsense content and visitornya from Indonesia with content and visitornya from abroad.
Now you have created a Youtube channel that you are ready to fill with video content that matches your channel topic.
Then the next step is ..

Production of Video Content for Your Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel will not develop if there is no quality content in it.
You should pay more attention to this part of the production, as this is an important point for those of you who want to have a successful Youtube channel.
If bloging we have to write a good post, yes if youtube we have to make a good video, for its Youtube channel can be successful.
Let's discuss from the beginning ...

1. Production Scheduling

Video production on Youtube is in need of producer scheduling.
So that your "work" time on Youtube channel is more measurable and does not interfere with your other activities.
Imagine you are a super busy worker, and want to create a successful Youtube channel.Work in many offices, activities at home, and others.
Surely it is very draining your time.
But, by scheduling the time of Youtube video production, you work will be more focused and more tidy.
This is actually about time management.
How you share your time well. How many hours to work, how many hours for family, up to how many hours to create Youtube content.
How to divide the time for Youtube content production?
  • Define your free time at any hour. Suppose you have free time on Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm.
  • Match your free time with the number of videos you want to produce one work. For example, you're a Youtuber Gaming who wants to produce 3 live videos at once. Yes skewer, approximately enough with the time you have to generate the number of videos you want. Do not be tired!
  • Focus. You should focus when your time of video production. Do not ngerjain the other!
  • Discipline. All will work well if you are disciplined with what you have scheduled.

2. Scripting or Plotting Your Video in A Writing

Believe it or not, almost all the videos you see on Youtube are alias scripting planned through the script.
From start sketch comedy, short movie, type type, kinds of kinds, stopmotion, and others.Even for a vlog also sometimes need a script as well.
They write scripts for guidance as they produce their videos.
I think you should do that too.
Some Beginner Youtuber errors:
  1. Did not plan his videos properly. The effect, the content so widened everywhere and not focus.
  2. Because it is not scripting, they make videos far off the mark with their initial video idea.
  3. Waste of time for less important things.
Scripting is important!
Do not have to write the script with the default format, write wrote according to your convenience like what. Importantly, you understand with the script.

3. Start Producing Video for Your Youtube Channel

Just do it!
No matter how cool your planning is on paper, it does not matter if you do not get it done right away.
Create your video now!
But how ugly?
Do not worry, learning by doing. The more often you create a Youtube video, the more your skill will increase.

4. Your video is ready? Time to Upload Video!

How to upload Youtube is very easy, you just need to click upload icon like in this picture.
After that you will redirect to a page like this.
Click the upload icon as in the image to upload your video. Do not forget to set your video settings when uploaded.
As in the picture, video upload settings there are 4 types:
  • Public , meaning that the videos you upload and publish can be directly enjoyed by your audience.
  • Unlisted , meaning that the video you uploaded is invisible in the search results, but your video can be watched by the person who clicked on the URL of the video you provided. Even people who do not have a Youtube account can watch.
  • Private , meaning the same as "Unlisted" but that can watch only people who have Youtube account.
  • Scheduled , it means that the video you upload can be scheduled for the show when.This feature is helpful if you want your videos to show on different days.
After selecting the video you want to upload, you will redirect to a page like the picture above.
Do not forget to complete your video details like video title, description, metatags, and choose a custom thumbnail image.

Give an Interesting Title to Your Videos

Youtube visitors usually see thumbnails first, then titles, when they want to watch videos on Youtube. Therefore, you should write an interesting title so your potential audience is interested in clicking and watching your video.
Tips on writing a video title:
  • Write a title that makes others curious. Like: It Turns 5 It Makes You Rich Raya via the Internet. Watch required!
  • The title should match what the content of your video is about. Do not create a title different from the video content. That will make your audience upset.
  • Keep the title is not too long.
  • Avoid using strange characters. Do not use if it is not necessary.

About the Video Description

I suggest that you must write important details about your video in the first row.
Because in the search results, the sentence in the beginning line is visible. As I red line in the image below.
Your potential audience can read your video descriptions from there, before they decide to watch your video or not.
So write what's important and interesting in the starting line.
For metatags, you can simply write a word that represents about your video. It does not have a big effect on the Youtube search engine, so do not ngespam the metatags.

Make a Thumbnail that Hypnotizes your Audience

Okay maybe the title of subheadingnya somewhat lebay, but this bener loh.
As I said earlier, Youtube visitors usually see thumbnails first new title. So you have to create a thumbnail that can make your potential audience interested in clicking on your video.
Then, how to create a video thumbnail that can attract potential viewers to click on it?
  • Choose an image that represents what your content is about.
  • Use bold and non-rigid fonts.
  • Choose a universal font color, say white. Do not choose colors that make eyes sore.
  • Thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels
Regarding the design of this thumbnail is actually in accordance with the tastes of each. If you feel your thumbnail design is good, go ahead.
Some examples of thumbnails that I find interesting:
If you follow the steps above (and you develop) well, congratulations! Soon you will have a successful Youtube channel!
Good news! Your Youtube Channel can be more successful if you ...

The Power of Consistency

This is a real example of one of the Youtube channels that I observed from the beginning until now.
The channel name I deliberately disguise.
I know this channel from start it has 100s subscriber and the total views are thousands new.
I subscribe the channel, I watch the video, and I follow the channel's progress. He is very consistent to upload videos per day on the same day and the same hour.
Here's an overview of the development of his Youtube subscriber channel from start to now:
and this is an overview of Youtubenya views channel number:
The growth chart of his Youtube channel has increased sharply!
Within a year he has 20,000++ subscriber and a total of 2 million+ view views. As I know, his Adsense Youtube channel revenues range from $ 200- $ 350 per month . Wow!
So you still have reason to be inconsistent?
You are now uploading videos on your Youtube channel.
The next step is ...

Promoting Your Videos the Right Way

No matter how cool your content is, still no one knows if you are not promoting the content properly.
Just like a company's product, the product will sell if your promotion is good and right on target.
So is Youtube video. You have to know how to promote your videos to the right target and the results are to your liking.
How to?
Okay before I discuss about further video promotion, here I want to emphasize that your main focus as a beginner youtuber is ...

Build Loyal Viewers

Loyal Viewers are people who subscriber your channel, always watch your videos, give suggestions or constructive criticisms to you, share your videos without coercion, and more.
They always support you while you work on Youtube, they are always waiting for your videos, and they become one of the people who are instrumental in making your Youtube channel a success.
Then, how to build viewers to be loyal?
  1. Viewers will be loyal, if they feel the same interest with you. Moreover, you can create content that can "touch button" from your viewers. Simply put, they love what you do on Youtube. Just keep going!
  2. Building loyal viewers takes a while. It takes perseverance, patience, and hard work.
  3. In the ending of your video, do not forget to call to action or ask your viewers to do something like: subscribe your channel, share your video, ask for criticism and suggestions about how the video you uploaded.
  4. Listen to what suggestions or criticism from your viewers. Accept what you think is good, discard the unsuitable.
  5. Give a name to your subscriber. It's important!
Maybe this video can show if giving a name for your subscriber is important.
Let's continue to discuss about video promotion ...

Your Video Promotion in Social Media you use most often

The first step for your video promotion is yes in your social media account. But make sure not to spam and make your cyberspace friends become uncomfortable with promotional techniques that you do.
Promotion tips on social media:
  • Do not spam! Too often video promotion in your social media makes your friends feel uncomfortable.
  • Choose prime time around 7 - 8 pm for video promotion. At that time usually people have finished working and again relaxed.
  • Write an interesting description and make your friends curious about your video.
  • Write down the URL of your video in the promotion post.

Join a Facebook Group that Matches Your Channel Topic and Promote Your Videos Exactly

You live search group on Facebook in accordance with the topic of your Youtube channel.Then, immediately join the group.
If a group matching your channel topic is not available yet, you'll create a new one. Do not forget to spread the Facebook group to your friends. Who knows there are those who have the same interests as you.
Promotional tips in Facebook groups:
  • Do not jump into promotion early in join. It will make your image bad and you may be labeled as a spammer.
  • Introduce yourself. Get acquainted with the members of your group. Not bad, add friendship.
  • Interact in the group. Answer the question (which you know the answer to) from the member asking in the group. Give quality answers!
  • Promotion in prime time and not too often. The point is not to make other members uncomfortable with your video promotional content.

Find Tau about Youtube Community in Your City, then Join with Them

Just like the others, joining the Youtube community in your city can give you good benefits and your Youtube channel.
You can add friends, sharing knowledge about Youtube with other members, video collaboration , even business cooperation can!
I'm sure, almost over the territory of Indonesia has Youtube community in each region.
Then, how to find it?
One way is ...
Have you ever watched Youtube Rewind ? If ever, try looking Youtube Rewind produced from your city. Usually the Youtube Rewind video uploader is a community account from each city.
Which means you can contact them to request joining Youtube community in your area.
Just contact by email or write in the comment field on Youtube Rewindnya video. Definitely reply kok!
The point is do not be afraid to try and do not be shy. Spirit!
You are already at the end of this guide. If you follow the guidelines so far, then I know that you are a high-spirited person to create a successful Youtube channel.
I'm sure you can!
Let's recap our discussion on how to create a successful Youtube channel and immediately generate within 90 days!

First 30 Days: Focus on Preparing Your Youtube Channel

In the first 30 days, all you have to do is plan on your Youtube channel. Starting from the topic, target audience, content type, to take into account the capital and budget.

30 Day Two: Focus on Building Viewers Loyal

Once your Youtube channel starts running, it is time to focus on building loyal viewers. How to maintain and improve the quality of your content, always consistent for video uploads, maintaining your good relationship with viewers, as well as maintaining your good relationships with group members and communities.

30 Third Day: Start Making Money

If you keep maintaining quality and stay consistent on Youtube, I'm sure that in the third 30 days Adsense on your Youtube channel starts broke eggs and you start making money from Youtube. Remember, the more monetized view = the more money you earn.
Congratulations! You already know the top secret on how to create a successful Youtube channel.
Please share this guide with your friends or relatives who are in need of a guide about Youtube.
Lastly, if you have any questions about Youtube you want to ask, please write in the comment field below. You can also inquire through this form contact .
Successful greetings from Juragan!

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