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Erectile Penis Waking Up Every Sleep, What Causes?

"Why erect penis every waking up, eh?" The men must be familiar with the situation when waking up in the morning and find your penis in an erection state. The 'wake' or early morning erection is commonly referred to as morning glory or morning wood , but doctors and experts call it nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT).

A spontaneous erectile condition called NPT occurs during sleep or when you are awake. Reported by IFL Science ,all men with normal penile conditions and not experiencing erectile dysfunction will experience erections during sleep and is usually common between 3 to 5 times.

Although in recent years there have been several theories that explain the NPT, but what causes it remains unclear. Clearly NPT is associated with REM sleep ( Rapid Eye Movement ).
Why erect penis when we fall asleep?

There is one theory that when in REM sleep stage, noradrenergic cells (neurons that release noradrenaline neurotransmitters, also called norepinephrine) located in the pons area (part of the brain stem) called locus coeruleus, die. This theory suggests that this cell is associated with a penile inhibitory pattern. Thus, when their activity decreases during REM sleep stages , testosterone dependent on stimulation patterns eventually results in an erection.

Studies conducted by the Society for Endocrinology also support the above theory, in which there may be parts of the brain that die during REM sleep, so that while sleeping, the brain no longer keeps and checks the penis. If the normal brain controls the penis and ensures erection occurs only when necessary, when REM sleep penis is free to do what he wants. And what he wants is to harden or erect.
Sexual stimulation during sleep

Sometimes the cause of the erect penis during sleep and when you wake up in the morning is simple: your penis is aroused. Although you are unconscious and fall asleep, or still collect life when just waking up from sleep, not infrequently your penis accidentally experiencing friction with certain objects such as bolsters, or even a partner's body beside you. So even if you do not realize it, this is why your penis received the stimulus and immediately reacted.
The older, the less rare

Most men who have erect penis in the morning are men at a young age. The average who has entered the age of twilight will very rarely experience it again. In addition, many middle-aged men who often wake up in the morning because they feel the urge to urinate .

Joseph Alukal, MD, assistant professor of Uroloi and Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone Medical Center, said that men aged 60-70s who wake up early and want to urinate usually do not feel the erection in the morning.

In addition, one of the reasons why your penis is erect when you wake up is because your testosterone reaches the highest peak in the morning. And because a man's testosterone level usually begins to decline at the age of 40-50 years, this is also the reason why morning wood slowly began to occur rarely with age.
The ever-rising penis is good

Tobias Kohler, MD, MPH, professor and director of the urology division's residency program at Southern Illinois University's School of Medicine, says that if you consistently erect in the morning or when you are asleep, this is good for your health. Especially for your blood flow to the penis, which is also necessary for an erection when needed.

So if you have erectile problems when you try to have sex, but you do not have erection problems while sleeping or when you wake up in the morning, chances are erectile disorder is only caused by psychological conditions, for example because you feel anxiety, stress, or depression.

Dr. Kohler continued, if you also have never had an erection at night, it means a signal that blood flow to your penis may be problematic. This is a common characteristic of conditions such as heart disease , blockage of blood vessels, high cholesterol , or high blood pressure .
What if the penis is not erect in the morning?

Dr. Kohler insists that you do not have to worry if you realize slowly the number of your erection in the morning decreases. You may actually have an erection throughout the night and you do not realize it because it is asleep soundly.

However, if you do not feel an erection in the morning in a few months, see your doctor immediately. If it is really no erection again in the morning, this could be a sign of depression, chronic stress, or other general health problems such as heart disease. Reduced erections can also be a sign of low levels of testosterone.

Dr. Kohler added, if you already know what causes why your penis is not erect in the morning, such as high cholesterol, blocked veins, or low testosterone levels, often your erectile penile problem can be overcome with certain medications.

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