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(FULL) Guide How to Create a YouTube Channel

How to create a youtube channel is actually very easy, even you can use one google account to be used to register more than one channel (many channels). But the name of the beginner would need knowledge first, therefore I make this article.

In this lesson I will discuss about how to create youtube channel, as for which I follow I discuss are:

  • Create a Google account

  • Connecting a Google account to a YouTube Account

  • Create a YouTube account

  • Creating a YouTube Channel (with image)

  • Adding a photo or icon to the YouTube channel (with image)

This article is targeted for beginners who want to learn, so I will explain in detail about how to create a youtube channel to be completely thorough, even can make money.

Please provide a glass of hot coffee in case you are not sleepy because this paper is long. Okay, to create a youtube channel, we need a Google account and Youtube account itself.

First : Create a Google account

If you already have a google account, you may pass this way. For those who do not have a google account please register first at www.account.google.com. If you have an Android smartphone, you can also sign in with that account.

To create a google account, I will not explain in detail, because this way is very easy. Or maybe 99% of readers of this article already have a google account.

Second : Create a Youtube account

The essence of this article is how to create a youtube channel, not a youtube account. Do you know what's the difference between youtube account and youtube channel? maybe some of you do not know yet, so I will discuss this first.

Your YouTube account is your admin panel. Or more details is the account used to access your youtube channel channel. A Youtube account is the same as a Google Account.

The Youtube Channel is the Channel or channel that contains your video videos on youtube. You can control the videos uploaded on the youtube channel.

How, already know the difference youtube account and channel? If you are not clear enough about the difference, then I apologize because my article is hard to understand.

Then how do I create a youtube account ? Youtube is a video sharing site owned by Google, to log into your Youtube account means you just enter your Google account email and password.

If less obvious, consider the tutorial below well.

How to create a youtube Account

Go to youtube's official site - Then click Sign In - Then login using Google account.Already completed.

Okay, it's easy to create a youtube account? Now it's the turn of the YouTube Channel, follow it and watch it so you do not forget to practice. If I usually like to forget even though it has been done repeatedly.

How to create a Youtube Channel

First, log in to your youtube account, here you already have a default channel whose name matches your name in google.

then click your channel icon located in the top right corner (usually this is your profile photo in google plus). Look at the picture below.

After that a flash of your profile details will appear. Then click the gear icon next to your profile icon.

A dashboard or overview page will now appear on the page below to see the bottom of the text that says "Create a New Channel" or if your youtube uses english, it means "Add New Channel".

cara membuat channel youtube

Have you met? if it is, now click on it. After you click it will show a new page, Well here is a place to create your youtube channel.

Fill in the name of youtube channel as you like, here free is important polite. After entering your new youtube channel name, it is time to select the channel category.Look at the picture below.

Create a youtube channel
Which channel do you include in what category? Choose one, there is an option such as: Humor, technology, knowledge, and others. If so, Click finish (save).

Congratulations your channel successfully created, but less interesting when a channel youtube not accompanied by the icon. Let's move on to the next study ...

Adding Icon to YouTube Channel

Let's say we're in a youtube account (youtube.com/accout). And again we have to look in the upper right corner. There is our profile icon that still have no picture (please click), and here we will add profile photo to our channel.

The first way: click our profile icon in the top right corner.

The next way: click right on the image of our profile is empty, there is the words "Change" just click it. View image:

Next: We will be directed to google plus page, there we have to edit in google plus because google account is actually connected.

Let's say we are already on the Google+ page, here we click on our profile picture is still empty, if we click this picture, then we will be directed to a new page that serves to upload files from our computer.

Next: Please select which photos you will upload, if the upload has been successful you have successfully added icon to your youtube channel.

To be sure, please check back to your youtube account (youtube.com/account), if the image has not appeared then wait around for some time, usually about an hour.

Do not forget to learn also how to make money from youtube. There are many successful youtuber in Indonesia and able to make money up to tens of millions per month. You may also want to learn as they are. 

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