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Here's What to Do When You Find a Breast Lump

Early detection of breast cancer by breast self-examination is recommended to be done routinely. It is useful so you can find abnormalities or perhaps early cancer signs. By doing early detection, will appear two possibilities that the discovery of breast lump or not.

You may feel anxious and scared when a lump is found in your breast. However, you should not rush panic, because the lump is detected in the breast is not necessarily a cancer.

Even so, any lumps need to be ascertained or examined further whether it is malignant or not. All the lumps are tumors but some are malignant and not malignant. That malignant lump is what's called cancer .

To prevent the impact that you do not want, you should do the handling as early as possible. Then what should you do if you find a lump in the breast?
1. Check back your breasts

If you find a lump around the breast, do not rush to worry. You should check back by touching to all parts of the breast, either on the left or on the right side.

Check by lying in bed, with both hands placed on top. Then one hand touched to the breast to find whether there is a hard lump in the breast or not. In order for the results are valid, it is recommended to do the examination after menstruation or long before menstruation.
2. Check your menstrual calendar again

Do not quickly decide if a lump that is on your breast is a breast cancer lump. The lump that appears may be just a sign that you will experience menstruation.
3. Consult breast lump problems with your doctor

If you still feel uncomfortable or worried about the lump in your breast after applying some of the above, then you should consult a doctor to be able to know what really happens with your health for sure.

Your doctor will find out what's going on with your body. The faster you consult, the handling that can be done on your body will be faster too. That way, the worst risk you can at least reduce.

Never be afraid to ask about your condition and consult a doctor. This is important so that the complaints that occur in your body immediately known the cause, and handling will be done faster on your body, so the worst and other risks you can reduce.

Your doctor will ask you some questions about your medical history. The doctor will perform a breast examination to feel a lump or other changes in the breast tissue and under the arm. If any fluid comes out of your nipple, your doctor will collect samples and examine cancer cells.

The doctor may also perform a mammogram or ultrasound to see if the lump is solid or filled with fluid. Your doctor may consider taking a biopsy . The doctor will take a small sample of the lump with a needle or small piece and send it to the lab, to find out if your lump is a cancer or not.

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