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How To Be Rich Through YouTube! These 12 So YouTuber Success Tips in 2017

How To Be Rich Through YouTube! These 12 So YouTuber Success Tips in 2017

YouTuber ...! Well, what are you thinking when you hear the word? Is your heart called? If so, it must read through to completion.
Many are asking, is not it true that being a YouTuber can make you rich ?The answer you already know, it is true and has many proofs even popular instantly. But...
Many of them, it is not easy and not impossible. Yes, must be accompanied by the name of hard work and creativity.

How To Get Rich Through YouTube

Let the opening is not too long, just right here and how to become rich through YouTube. These tips let me become a successful YouTuber in 2017 from zero.

Novice Applicable YouTuber Equipment

1. Camera

Let's discuss what equipment is needed to start your career into YouTuber and the first is the camera . Motivation is also important, but we discuss it below ya.
Things this one must have, free to choose action cam , DSLR, and even mirrorless. Camera prices are varied, ranging from millions to tens of millions of dollars.
Well for you who are still students / just want to try, just enough to rely on a smartphone camera .
Blackmagic Cinema Camera
If you want to use a pro camera without thinking about budget, choose Blackmagic Cinema Camera . Camera vlog this one is suitable for you who need super-quality cinematic video, with price range between Rp14-18 million .
You can also choose a Canon 70D DSLR , with a foldable screen and fast auto focus. But you have to spend about Rp12 millionto the top for one new unit.
Want a cheaper one? There is Canon Powershot G7X , with audio quality that has been very satisfactory. Being in the price of Rp6-7 million , in addition to the specifications are qualified, G7X is already equipped with WiFi. So you can easily share files.
Then there is the Sony NEX-5 is easily carried off everywhere. Equipped with intelligent auto mode that is smart enough to choose the right scene. The second product sold for Rp4-5 million .
Next there is Canon LEGRIA mini X , with a model quite different from ordinary camera, nobody would have thought that this is a camera.
Yes, this tiny camcorder worth Rp4 millions makes it easier for you to take the desired angle. Many famous Vloggers are using it. So Jaka advice, buy a camera that fits your wallet condition.

2. Microphone

clip on mic
In addition to visual, audio quality is equally important. Especially the video that prioritizes the clarity of narration, choose a good microphone and quality.
You can select a condenser microphone model, which is used by the YouTuber game or any music recording studio. There is also lavalier aka clip on mic or shotgun commonly used for movie shooting, the price range from Rp50 thousand to millions of rupiah.

3. Tripod or Monopod

Tripod or Monopod
Stabilizer camera is also not less important, in order to obtain a minimal video shocks. So comfortable to watch by the audience, so do not forget to also use a tripod or monopod and lighting kit.

4. PC / Laptop

The next important thing you should have as YouTuber is your PC or laptop to process the videos you have taken. Well to edit the video conveniently, at least choose a laptop with 4 GB of RAM and quad core processors.

Skill YouTuber

5. Edit Video

Video already exists and laptop already has. Next you need to have video editing software and have video edit capability.
Editing a video is the most important part of post production. Where the process is able to make the video look more perfect and can be enjoyed by the audience. For that, you need the right video editing software.
No need to pay, because there are so many video editing applications that you can use. There are Hitfilm, Windows Movie Maker, I-Movie or Lightworks.
For beginners, you can try Corel Video Studio Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, Camtasi, Pinnacle Studio, or AVS Video Editor. If you're professional, it's time to use Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, or Sony Vegas Pro that has a variety of features.

6. Have a YouTube Channel with a Unique Name

youtube jalantikus account
The video has been edited and is worth watching, then uploaded to YouTube. Surely you already have a Google account dong?Yes, you can create your YouTube channel and all you have to pay attention to is the selection of his name.
This name will appear as your identity as YouTuber. It should be unique, easy to remember, and easy to say.

YouTuber Motivation

7. Consistent Make a Quality Video

Money is just a bonus, not your main target. As a YouTuber you should now focus on consistently producing quality videos and most people fail here.
How can you develop? You can go along with video concepts from the famous YouTuber, but one thing that your videos should be better than them. If you can not make a video that is cooler than them, it will be useless.
This is why you have to make a new video concept, what kind of hole that could potentially 'explode' in the future.
But the most important thing is to make useful or entertaining video content and inspire the audience's emotions. This way, visitors will like , share videos and subscribe your YouTube channel.

8. Do not Forget Promotion

We are nobody, if it's hard to make a quality video but forgot this one factor will also surely fail. So do not get tired of promotion through social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Only that? Not enough, you can create a blog or website to support each other so that visitors are busy coming. Many more deh, do not hesitate to learn how to do effective promotion.

9. Google Adsense List

You have regularly uploaded videos, the audience also came with the promotion that you do. The next important step is to sign up for Google Adsense, from where you will get dollars.
Payments from this Adsense will you receive in the month after the Adsense balance exceeds US $ 100 or approximately Rp1, 3 million. That also with the condition that your Adsense account has a good reputation.
Once a request that only needs to be submitted once is approved, the host account label will be removed from the home page.You will then have access to generate Adsense ad code. The goal is to monetize non-host partner websites.

10. How to Monetasi YouTube

If you already join the YouTube partner program and set up your Adsense account, you can now enable ads for eligible videos.
How, make sure your video meets the criteria of video monetization. Review the various YouTube ad formats available. Then follow the steps to activate the ad. You can choose to enable ads on individual videos or directly in large quantities.

11. You Can Sell Merch

Well one more important point in selling on YouTube is merchandising . Not just adding revenue, but also a way to engage your fans. Because fans are everything.
So, not only financially yes, but they represent you through existence in the community. They are the ones who support your channel and because they are you.
But before launching a merch, you should think carefully about the strategy. What to sell, how to produce, and its distribution.And how to promote it to engage fans more.

12. Advice from Jaka

suggestions from jaka
Some failed people have walked equally and equally hard with successful people. The difference, successful people still consistent run, while the failed person had stopped and surrendered in the last steps.
So consistently create quality videos. Make interesting and different, and do not give up. Well if it's a business desperately, but not accompanied by prayer his name is arrogant.
Miracles may exist, but only for people who have tried hard to achieve those targets. Jaka believes that 'hard endeavor' is closely related to 'miracle or luck'.
That's how to get rich through YouTube, share your opinion! Also read articles about YouTube or other Lukman Azis posts.

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