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How to Change Thumbnail Video Image Youtube

How to change thumbnail images on youtube videos , - In the first post I've shared a tutorial on how to install the subscribe button (watermark) in youtube video . Well on this occasion I will again share a tutorial on how to change thumbnail images on youtube videos. This tutorial I specialize for those of you who have channels and videos on youtube, if you do not have a video or youtube channel please be listened to it may be useful someday. 

Previously, what is a thumbnail and its usefulness for youtube videos? Maybe some of you already know the so-called thumbnails on youtube video, but if not know the following I explain. Thumbnails on youtube videos are thumbnails used as youtube video covers before play or play. For your own benefit a thumbnail on youtube videos is immense, probably the greatest impact on video viewers. The reason in addition to viewing from the video title, must first visitors will see the video thumbnail image. This will certainly have a positive impact on the number of video viewer if the video thumbnail images used are very attracting the attention of visitors. 

Well if you know if the benefits of a thumbnail image is very great for the video, therefore if your video thumbnail image less interesting or mediocre please replace with a more interesting because it will have a positive impact also for your video. It's basically a youtube video thumbnail taken from the video when we first upload it, but if changing it with a more interesting will make your video viewer increase at once if your interested visitors can just get subscribe. 

Since youtube as the world's largest video streaming provider site, of course youtube already provides a feature to change the video thumbnail image. To place itself on the channel youtube respectively. oh yes almost forgot, before changing the video thumbnail image of course you must first prepare an image that will be used as a thumbnail. For the picture itself also has a condition that can be used as a thumbnail, the following conditions. 

Terms picture that can be used as thumbnail youtube video

  • Image file size up to 2 Mb, if more can not be used.
  • For thumbnail images with the best quality suggested 1280x720 image size.
  • Picture formats that can be used JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF.
  • As a suggestion, be careful if the image used is copyrighted.

For thumbnail images themselves can use any image alias up, not necessarily always fixated with images related to the video. but it would be nice if still in touch with the video. nah for tutorial video image thumbnail help can be seen below. 

How To Change Thumbnail Images On Youtube Videos

1. First please login or login to your youtube channel. 
2. Then please go to the management of youtube video or for more quickly can visit the following link https://goo.gl/6I7KOM 

3. Next select the video you want to change thumbnail image by click "Edit" on the video. 

4. After that you will go to the video settings you previously selected, to change the thumbnail image on the video how easy enough just click " Special small image " and find the image you want to make thumbnail and open. 

5. Please wait until finished, if you have selected the thumbnail and save the changes. 

Well easy is not how to change thumbnails on youtube video, now live see the result whether the video will get more viewer or not. A few tips and tutorials that I can share. Good luck. 

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