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How To Control Emotions To Not Hurt Yourself

Not infrequently negative emotions such as disappointment and anger control , so you become unable to concentrate . B ven , you do things that harm themselves and others. This is why it's important to know how to control emotions.

Research finds that the human emotional response stems from the way they perceive a particular experience. Emotions are normal expressions of things that happen in everyday life, such as laughing because of funny incidents to feel upset after stuck in traffic. Expressing emotions appropriately and knowing how to control your emotions will make you feel better.

Even so, not infrequently negative emotions make you become negative behavior as well. Angry, sad, disappointed is unavoidable, but manageable. The expression of negative emotions can even jeopardize your friendship, occupation, and even your own health relationships. This is what makes you need to learn how to control your emotions . The guide below is expected to help you.
Every time you will react negatively, calm down by taking a deep breath and close your eyes.
You can not change a certain situation, but it can change your mindset from an angry or disappointed perspective into a perspective that makes you feel better.
Change your focus. If you often feel inferior because you think others are more powerful, change your focus on yourself, what you want to do, and the abilities you want to improve, thus making you more confident.
Avoid situations that make you feel easy to feel negative emotions. For example, if you are easily upset when in a hurry, then you can set the time to leave early. That way, congestion or slow road users will not be too disturbing or even avoidable.
Connect with people around you like family, friends, neighbors that make you comfortable. You need friends and family as your place to share issues that are willing to listen and not to let you alone.
Find activities that make you happy and can be a positive part of your daily life like cycling , playing football Doing a hobby that you love makes you feel relaxed in your own world. In addition, exercise can be a means to manage stress .
Giving can make you happy. Give your time, help, or smile to others, such as following a social service.
Learning new skills such as a new language or musical instrument can generate confidence and function as a way to control emotions.
Be aware of your current existence, your feelings and your thoughts, including your surroundings. This can make you more aware and positive about responding to everything.
Having sex can bring emotional benefits that make you feel more confident.
Keeping the ideal weight is one of the ways to control your emotions and mental health. Try to eat healthy foods rich in nutrients and with portions that are not excessive.
Yoga and meditation can be a method of stress management and train you to control your emotions.
Manage time by organizing schedules and making plans of things that need to be done. Planning will help you reduce stress.
Learn to say "no" especially to things you really can not manage, or events that you really can not attend.
Keep your body rested enough so that problems do not easily trigger emotions.

Health is not only about a healthy body, but also a healthy mind that affects emotions. Being emotionally healthy means being able to manage everyday problems such as stress, changing bad habits, creating, making friendships, and all the other things that can have an impact on your mental and physical health.

Maintaining emotional health is as important as maintaining a healthy body, as both affect each other. Impaired emotional health can cause a person to experience health problems such as chest pain and high blood pressure . People with healthy thoughts and emotions will find it easier to deal with life issues such as separation or death.

However, be aware if you find that it is not just emotional fluctuations, but a sign of depression. Identify symptoms of depression that can be marked with signs such as bad mood for more than two weeks, feeling hopeless, exhausted, unable to concentrate, loss of appetite or otherwise overeating, insomnia or continuing to sleep, and thinking about ending life .

Try applying different ways of controlling the emotions above to gain physical and mental health. If symptoms of depression begin to appear, do not hesitate to immediately consult a doctor.

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