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How To Make Money From YouTube Adsense Proven 100%

How to make money on Youtube with google adsense is now being widely applied by the online business. In the current Internet era of all internet users have known Youtube. As is known that #Youtube is the most famous video portal site in the world in which there are millions of video uploads of internet users.
As a video connoisseur we certainly really feel the benefits of the existence of this video portal site to get information or just entertainment from what we watch on Youtube. But not only can you see videos, as users we can also upload our own videos on the internet, so that our video can be watched by many other internet users around the world.
This is a business opportunity is very potential, because like the business principle that we know that where there are crowds then there will be potential to earn money. And in fact it is true business principles, nowadays many people who earn money from videos uploaded to YouTube, even up to someone who generate up to hundreds of millions to billions of dollars per month just by uploading a video to YouTube.
Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari YouTube Adsense
Well, in this article we will discuss about the Guide Tips How To Make Money From Youtube or commonly also called make money via youtube.


YouTube is highly favored by internet users because they deliver very diverse video content. Various video content is uploaded by users with different purposes.
There are users who upload videos for the purpose of conveying information or inspiration, there is a purpose to promote a business or event, there is also just a fun video sharing, and many other purposes.
Users can find different types of videos, ranging from movie trailers, music clips, news, humor, tutorials, science and technology, documentation and many other types of videos.
If we visit YouTube then we will see Google Adsense ads there, either ads on video or in the sidebar of the page. These ads will show on videos that have a large number of viewers. Well, the video owner's income comes from clicks on Google Adsense ads or the number of views of Google Adsense ads that appear in the uploaded video.
See the google adsense ads view on the YouTube page in the following picture.

Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Youtube


The trick is to upload a unique and interesting video to YouTube. Later, the more views (views) of the videos on your YT channel, the more revenue you will get from YouTube.
Important: I emphasized earlier that there is no guarantee that by uploading multiple videos then you will make a lot of money quickly. Youtube does not promise big earnings with a short time. Because the need for seriousness and consistency to succeed in playing YouTube.
I do not mean to resign your passion in playing youtube, but what I mentioned is realistic. You can succeed in playing YouTube on the condition of preparing yourself from the beginning decided to earn money on Youtube.Then it takes the attitude of willing to work hard in making the video unique, creative and interesting to watch by all internet users of the world.
Please refer to the initial steps you should apply in how to earn money from the internet below:
1. Create a YouTube Account
Creating a YouTube account is very easy if you have an account on one of google products, such as gmail. You just need to connect the gmail account to create a youtube account. Check out the steps below:
1. Log in to your Gmail account
2. Go to the YouTube.com website.
3. Create a Channel for your YouTube account. The trick is: click the button "My Channel" which is on the left of the screen. Then choose your youtube channel name, whether you want to use your real name (email name) or use another name.
4. Click the "To use a business or other name, click here" button, will be redirected to a new page.
5. Enter the Channel name you want, use a catchy channel name. Then select the appropriate category, and give tick "I agree to the Pages Terms", then click "Done".
6. We will be redirected to the Channel page.
7. Next we can set up our YouTube Channel view, like adding icon image, adding cover, and other settings.
8. Up here we have successfully created a YouTube account and created a special Channel.
2. Upload / Upload Video to YouTube
Further upload the original video on YouTube own our own and do not violate copyrighted video of others. We can create unique videos by recording everyday activities, such as cooking, fishing, guitar playing, and other everyday activities. After that maximize video quality by utilizing various video editing software. Then compress the video to a smaller video size and faster upload process.
Next enter the relevant keywords in the video description. This way will greatly affect the search results of users in finding your video.
Routinely upload many videos to your YouTube channel, according to my research at least you need to upload at least about 100 videos to earn a decent income. The more videos you upload, the greater your chances of earning money from YouTube.
And do not try to upload video material that violates copyright, because it will make your Adsense account banned.
3. Increasing YouTube Channel Popularity
If in the business of brand popularity is very influential to increase sales, in playing YouTube channel can be likened to the brand should continue to be increased its popularity. The more famous YT channel we will be more easy to bring in the audience and increase views, so that will increase the monetize income of our youtube videos.
Many ways we can do to increase the popularity of Channel YT. Some of them are:
  • Routinely upload unique and interesting videos, pay attention to video quality like a clear display with good resolution. Uploading videos on a regular basis will build customer trust.
  • Focus and consistently upload videos according to your YT channel's niche or topic. As an example if you are an expert in cooking, then focus on making cooking video tutorials. That way your Channel YT will be easily recognizable as a special channel cooking tutorial by YT users.
  • Invite others to become your YouTube Channel subscriber. How to invite him to create a thread in the forum or create articles that relate to the video and enter the relevant video and sentence to subscribe to your YT channel.
  • Promote video content to blogs / websites and social media such as twitter, facebook and google plus.
4. Sign Up To Google Adsense
While there are many ways to earn money from YouTube, monetize Youtube videos with Google Adsense is a favorite of most YouTube publishers. Usually Channels that have many views will get an invitation from Google Adsense. But if we do not get the invitation, we can register to Google Adsense. Please read this tutorial article How to Sign Up Google Adsense.
But if you already have a Google Adsense account, then no need to register again. You just need to connect your Google Adsense account to your YouTube account. Once your Adsense account is connected with your YouTube account, you are just waiting for the incoming earnings of the videos you have uploaded.


The key to success in monetizing YouTube videos is creativity. The more interesting videos you upload, the more chances of earning from YouTube. However, my suggestion is to use your own creative power in making videos. Prioritize quality first rather than quantity in making video. Beginning should not think about money first, should focus on creating and uploading useful videos.

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