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How To Sign Up Adsense With Youtube Update 2017

how to register adsense with youtube update 2017 - for some people like me maybe to get google adsense a little hard, well on this occasion I want to discuss how to get google adsense with youtube account, this article continued from How To Get Money From Youtube update 2017 at the article I did not explain how to register your youtube account to google adsense in because it will be very long.

sebenernya for what the heck we are to register our account youtube google adsense or for what we get google adsense the answer is simple and not hypocritical to get money or dollars, then how easy to get google adsense the easiest way is to register your youtube account to google adsense provided that you must have the original vidio as discussed in the previous article.

you read the article I have 2 first conclusions you layman in google adsense or you find it difficult to get google adsense account, 2 possibilities that I will discuss in this article, for you layman new people plunge in the world of adsense you should read my article previous about how to earn money from google adsense, and for those of you who have long plunge in the world of adsense and not yet get adsense can be made in an alternative for you.

before we discuss more about how to register google adsense with youtube account let us discuss a little first what is google adsense? google adsense is an advertising program in selengarakan by google, this advertising program as advertising media in ineternet. member who already in aprove by google adsense is allowed to install ads in the form of banners or material from google adsense that can provide benefits to web or blog owners or channels in youtube with various systems such as CPM (cost per mile) CPC (cost per click ) etc.

until here maybe you already understand now we will directly enter in the discussion how to register your youtube account to google adsense as a stepping stone for your blog or website easier to register.


One gmail account is just for the make your adsense container so if you have some email and in one email one channel youtube or one blog or web you do not have to register again because one of the first email you register already represents everything when in aprove.

prepare a new email or fresh or if you already have an old email is not what is important that you have never registered to google adsense.

Uplode your vidio to youtube

actually I have explained for this material as well but I will explain a little here upload at least 6 original vidio you to your youtube account to then register your google adsense account.

register your channel or youtube account to google adsense

then how to register your youtube account or channel to google adsense the way yah quite simple you've followed the tutorial above and wait 1 day after you upload your vidio and remember the original vidio should not be subject to copyright of others or can be downloaded from other places

after you upload your vidio please go to your youtube account to monitazi your vidio vidio to youtube.

after you log into your youtube account go to my channel and click on vidio manager if you do not understand please see picture below.


after you click my channel then go to vidio manager it will appear display image below ini.kemudian click on channel then status and features after that see the circle that I circled picture below click on enable.


if you follow my tutorial correctly then the page will appear like picture below. click on get stated 

youtube daftar adsense
after you click get started it will appear below display.

please check all the boxes that I pointed with the direction of the arrow then you will be directed to google adsense page silahakn follow step step

first you enter with gmail youtube you have input vidio and ready to monitize to the content of the two content of the language you want to use usually I will click save and continue it because it was concerned with google adsense.

then fill in the name of the address etc after you fill it please click on submit my request.

then fill in or input your payee name, I suggest to fit well with your ktp name so with your full address.

because later you will be sent a letter of love by google if it is already in the 10 $.

oh yes your account has not been in aprove so you have to wait a few hours until your account can make money.

well for those of you who want to register again with viai web or blog you have to register again so you can not put this adsense account on your blog.

just so how to register adsense with youtube account from me may be useful for you thank you very much

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