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How To Successfully Play Youtube Success

Who would have thought a lot of success stories from youtube, bahka that no longer logic of minors can make money Billions rupiah. Youtube as one of the largest video share in the world certainly not only as a place to spend time watching videos or getting entertainment. If you have expertise in editing videos or are very fond of editing a video, try to take the time to upload some videos on youtube, who knows you're lucky and your videos are popular with viewers. May I often review how to get lots of views on youtube or how to get lots of viewers on youtube? Yes, but on this occasion I am special to bergai Articles that I think can help you to find ida when it is and want to become a youtube partner? 
Do not Forget to read Some success stories from youtube players or partners. 

1. Original 
The video you created must be Original, that is purely from the work of you. Today there are many ideas that you can develop to create videos that are liked and liked by viewers, one of them is by watching many of your videos on Youtube. Find out what viewers like about the youtube event? Then you do the recording and editing. One of the relatively new Channels capable of scooping the attention of my most favorite audience is LASTDAY Production . Joining on 19 March 2014, now LASTDAY Production is able to get 28,482,658 views and 175,822 subscribers will always be increased. 
I think it is a huge achievement, because it is not easy to produce millions of views, what else they just joined 1 year ago. 

2. Create a Unique Video 

Na, another one when you've found a team and can create original video then the most important thing is unique. Create videos that are unique and different from other channels.Because one of the factors that make viewers like video or channel is its uniqueness. 

3. No Nora 

Gak nora, haaa now the kids if you see a video or a tacky movie, would say gini '' Nora ah, do not like cave ''. Well search for the uniqueness of your video is as unique as possible do not be too nora. 

4. Always Update 

Usually the viewers are always waiting for the latest updates from your video. Find the time or day where you always update the video, if necessary you announce for the next video will update on the next day .... 

5. Give the impression 

Make a video that is not just for entertainment only, but in your video there is an impression, where when there is your friend who told you about a video, then they remember that your video is very unique and memorable. The point is to maximize video and not just work for money. Money is a result of what we do, if what we do maximum, then isnyallah what we get will also be maximal. 

6. Serve Video As Entertainment 

Another one of the most important features of your videos as much as possible that can entertain many people and viewers. People if you are happy with your video then he will subscribe and akirnaya you get audiences or loyal viewers. 

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