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Is True Spinach So Poisonous If Heated?

Spinach is one of Indonesia's favorite vegetables. In spinach contained many fiber and essential nutrients the body needs, such as iron, phosphorus, folic acid, and calcium . However, maybe you should be careful in processing spinach. Many people say that spinach can not be heated again. Heating the spinach over and over again can lead to toxins when eaten, he said. But is this true?
Spinach vegetables contain nitrate compounds

Spinach is one of the vegetables that contain high nitrate. This nitrate content obtained spinach from water, fertilizer, soil, and air used spinach plants to live. The amount of nitrate content in a particular vegetable depends on soil conditions, the amount of fertilizer used, and the maturity of the plant.

Nitrates from spinach then enter your body when consumed. Nitrate itself is actually harmless to the body. Instead, nitrates can have a positive effect on the body, as can relax the blood vessels and lower blood pressure. However, the nitrate in the body is then converted into harmful nitrite.

Nitrites can react with other compounds in the body and form carcinogens (cancer-causing compounds) . Several studies have shown that high nitrite intake is associated (although not directly) with certain cancer risks.

This is what makes many people fear if heating spinach vegetables many times then it can cause cancer. Many people assume that heating spinach over and over again can increase the nitrate level converted to nitrite, thus increasing the risk of cancer. However, it is not so.
Is it allowed to heat the spinach?

Heating spinach many times is actually harmless as long as it is done properly, not too long, and not at very high temperatures. Spinach is heated in a short time and at low temperatures alone is enough you can enjoy. It also helps to keep a lot of nutrients from the spinach that is lost when heated.

When you boil or heat the spinach back in fact the content of nitrate in spinach disappears or evaporates due to heat. Thus, the nitrate content in spinach will become less and harmless to your body when converted to nitrite.

After all, the nitrate content in the vegetables you eat is actually still in the normal amount that your body can accept. So, you do not have to worry if you want to eat lots of vegetables or if you want to heat your vegetables back.

However, the baby may be more susceptible to nitrate because the baby's digestive system is immature. Thus, it is suggested that babies are not given high-nitrate vegetables (such as spinach) in excessive amounts, 1-2 tablespoons of spinach is enough for babies per meal.
However, it still is not good to heat the spinach over and over again

In fact, heating up any food until many times can eliminate the nutrients contained in the food, including spinach. This makes it useless to eat spinach because it does not get the nutrients.

Many nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, in vegetables can not stand the heat, so it can disappear if kept exposed to heat. In addition, heat can also alter the chemical structure in foodstuffs, making it hard for the body to digest (for some foods).

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