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Know The Rules Of Doing Safe Brows Rec

Eyebrow shape in accordance with the shape of the face can indeed make the face look different. No wonder, now many women who choose to do eyebrow embroidery to get the desired eyebrow shape.

The decision to do eyebrow embroidery to get a beautiful eyebrow is in your hands. However, before doing this, it's good to consider in advance the risks that may occur after doing eyebrow embroidery.

Beware of Risk of Infection

In the workmanship techniques not performed by professionals or tools that are not performed properly sterilization, for example, the possibility to experience bacterial infections Staphylococcus , Streptococcus or even the spread of herpes infection can occur. Infections may also arise from irritation or allergic reactions of the pigment used when eyebrow embroidery.

The use of pigments that will be applied to the eyebrow area to be embroidered should also be considered. Before eyebrow embroidery is done, you are advised to perform an allergy test against the pigment to be used, in the form of patch test, to prevent the occurrence of unwanted allergic reactions.

In addition, it is important to make sure the person doing your eyebrow creations is a certified professional who uses the tools that have been sterilized well, so that the results of eyebrow embroidery are as desired and safe for health.

In women who are pregnant, people with keloids , had an organ transplant, or have a weak immune system ( immunocompromised ) should avoid eyebrow embroidery. Similarly, for people with skin disorders such as eczema and rosacea , it is advisable to avoid eyebrow embroidery for health reasons.
Eyebrow Embroidery Engineering Techniques and How to Care

The technique of eyebrow embroidery is done by making incisions or small scratches around the eyebrows that are then implanted pigment. Pigment planting that aims to form the eyebrow hair like this original eyebrow, usually leave the pain when the process of eyebrow embroidery is done.

After stitching is complete, the pain may gradually diminish and may just feel like stung around the embroidered eyebrows.

In order for the eyebrow embroidery to remain in accordance with the desired and protected from infection, the following things to do:
Keep the area around the eyebrows dry at least until 10 days post-embroidery eyebrow done. It is also recommended to keep the face dry while bathing.
Avoid using makeup for at least a week.
Do not peel the scab or scratch the area around the eyebrows though itchy.
Pigt your hair to keep hair out of the newly embroidered eyebrow area
Avoid swimming, sauna or doing activities that cause excessive sweat production until the eyebrow embroidery area is completely healed.
Limit direct sun exposure to the embroidered eyebrow area, to avoid dark stains or hyperpigmentation in the area around the eyebrows.
Routine apply cream or medication that has been given in accordance with the instructions as directed.

If after doing the eyebrow embroidery around the area experiencing swelling, having a scab after two weeks, pain continuous or discharge like pus, immediately check to the doctor. You may be suffering from an infection and need treatment to treat the infection.

Eyebrow embroidery, aesthetically can indeed support the appearance, but still consider the safety factor for health reasons. If you have a special health condition, you should consult a doctor before doing eyebrow embroidery.

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