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Powerful! Here's How to Create a Vlog on YouTube for Beginners

How do I create a vlog on YouTube for beginners? What should be done or avoided in order to succeed on the channel ? This time my Finances will discuss how to create a vlogon YouTube for beginners.
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Creating a Vlog on YouTube

Creating a vlog on YouTube is one of the bustle of many people today. Not infrequently, some use it to earn additional income. Vlogs become a trend of young people today as a means of self-existence and increase the number of subscribers .

Vlog For Beginners

Creating vlogs for beginners can be done with colleagues. In addition to work so much easier, the presence of colleagues can also help improve confidence and happiness. Sincevlogs are a container for holding talent as well as financial goals, then do whatever is best in terms of time until the cost at this stage.

Powerful Ways to Create Vlogs and Utilize them

Here are 15 powerful ways to create vlogs and use them. Not only focusing on technical issues, vlogs also relate to the condition of the vlogger . Therefore, to improve the quality and maintain the consistency of vlog is not easy .

Method 1: Make a Plan

Before taking the camera and vlogging for the YouTube channel for the first time, it should be noted that the plan should be done from the beginning. Prepare paper and pen to do some brainstorming and write various plans. Ask important questions about vlog and answer with confidence.
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Method 2: Make Reason for Creating Vlog

The reason to make a vlog for some people is not necessarily the same. However, for those of you who want to create a vlog , the purpose of making will be very influential for the future of the channel . Do you want to make this vlog into a separate career path or just for fun and self-actualization? The answer to that question will be the answer to what thevlogger should do.
If you wish to become a professional vlogger , think about how much time is allocated to the YouTube channel . Whether daily, weekly or monthly. This will help establish what kind of way you do to take care of the vlog . But if your sole desire is to develop a hobby, then you should not expect to get too high achievement. Unlike many people see, being avlogger takes a long time and high concentration until it can be demanded by many people.
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How to 3: Explain the Nature of Industry or Social Groups

What will be uploaded on your channel ? Choosing an industry or social group in vloggingwill help one in setting the main focus he most wants. If the vlogger is not serious in the field, then the desire will not be high and the quality of vlog is decreased. But on the contrary if someone is very enthusiastic with the theme then his ability will develop and still be able to work despite having a minimal idea.
Although it refers to current trends, if the choice of vlog fields or topics is of no interest to themselves, it will be difficult to develop them in a continuous vlog form. You will quickly feel bored and do uploading only as a condition for the vlog stay update only. But there is no happiness in it. So, choosing an industry or social group in vlogging will help thebranding process and build the audience as well.
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Method 4: Conduct Audience Research

To whom do you create a vlog ? Who the target audience you want. For example, a horrorvlogger will look for horror lovers. Similarly for beauty vlogger , interior, or cuisine. So, write down what viewer you want as your subscribers . Brainstorm the process and describe all the vlog audience criteria.

Method 5: Determination of Short-Term Goals

What is the short-term goal for a vlog is approximately within 2 months, what do you want to achieve? In terms of quantity, surely everyone wants his vlog much visited. However, what about its development after 6 months? The early days of making the vlogs were the hardest times because one had to gather followers and make plans for the vlogs to flourish.

Method 6: Determination of Long Term Goals

Long-term goals are usually only achieved when a vlogger enters the age of work in the second year. The long-term goal of the vloggers can be diverse from the end of a particular company to a movie player. In essence, these goals must be rational by still having big dreams. If necessary, write long-term goals in the yearly plan .
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Method 7: Select a Suitable Channel Name

After having a clear goal, selecting the desired topics and achievements, the next, no less important activity is to create a suitable channel name. We recommend names related to the topic and merged with the creator's vlogger name. So, the name will be easier to remember the subscribers . Choose a unique name with a sense of its own. You can also use the name of a particular industry or social group.
Take some time and imagine if someday your channel has grown. This positive shadow will help any vlogger to address each of his vlog developments more wisely. It takes time to become famous, but all success will not betray the effort. Also, make sure that the name you created has never existed anywhere. Because if the account already owned by other people or parties, it will appear plagiasi impression.

Method 8: Trying to Take a Picture

The next way all vloggers should take is to try to take a picture. Although there are some crew people, but the basic capability of the prerequisites a vlogge r must have is the ability to take pictures. If necessary, involve senior people who understand about vlogger . Do not be too quick to upload videos because a good vlogger should create highly qualified videos. Turn as much ability as possible for it.
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Method 9: Testing Videography Techniques

How to test videography techniques is to consult someone more experienced in the field of videography. For example, if you are studying self-taught videography techniques, it is best to show the video work to colleagues with a scientific background such as visual communication design or videography. Do the exercises in the mirror before taking the video. Practicing will improve self-esteem and video performance.

Cara 10: Ensuring Good Camera Quality

A good camera will be able to work more optimally than the camera that the quality is less.In making a video, the vlogger should prioritize the quality of the camera as a quality technical shooting tool. Meanwhile, to improve the quality of video content, a good plot(plot) is required. The combination of quality video engineering and content quality will be perfect if through the process of editing in detail.
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Method 11: Set Up Audio and Lighting

Audio and lighting become the next part of video perfection. By using crystal clear audio and quality sound effects, then the video will be more optimal. You can choose several supporting applications and other supporting tools from video creation. Although the price is rather expensive, but the results will be much more satisfying if the selection of audio and lighting facilities appropriate.

Cara 12: Video Editing

Video editing can be done with several programs according to the ability of each vlogger .Because not all vloggers master the process of video editing , there are some vloggerswho take advantage of the services of others to ensure the results of video that will come out to maximum. Many things that should be cut, combined, given effect and enhanced if you want the video look very "wow". However, not all videos that are technically rated as good, whether in lighting ratings, audio, or in the perfection of editing. Sometimes there are also such types of videos that do not have any weighty content.

Way 13: Branding

Introducing trademarks or branding is usually done by employers in any field so consumers are more familiar with it. For vloggers , doing branding can be accessed by requesting help to other more senior vloggers . For example, when Raditya Dika helps fellow vloggers to develop their vloggers , then there is one scene in the sitcom (sitcom) that made with the friend.
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Cara 14: Create a Page in Social Media

The easiest way anyone can buzzer the number of followers is to create a page on social media. Social media is a forum of socializing via online which is very often opened every person from various circles. So, it is only natural that creating a page in social media will make a person more famous and his vlog become a glance for netizens .

How to 15: Create a Logo For YouTube Channel

If you are not a graphic designer, ask one of your colleagues who can create a professional YouTube channel logo, which means paid. Treat the designer well to create a logo with the concept you want for the vlog trip to be well done and the career uphill.
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Way 16: Building a Community

Build a community with anyone who is interested. You can collect communities based on hobbies, domiciles or other basic grouping. Importantly, you remain a happy person by working on vlog while communicating with many parties.

Start Moving As a Vlogger

After reading the above information, there is so much to plan and do to create a YouTube video and channel . If you want to get a lot of subscribers , of course you have to fight more by continuing to learn to upgrade the ability of vlogging .
Which tips will you do immediately? Why is that? Comment on the fields provided below and do not forget to share every article of my Finances with your colleagues and acquaintances. Thank you!

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