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Real Vegetables Still Can Be Eaten, But ...

Freshly seductive vegetables and fruits are your first choice when stopping at a vegetable or supermarket near home. But did you know that even withered vegetables are still feasible for consumption? Then, what about the nutritional content?
The nutrient content of vegetables wilted and looked "ugly" still the same as fresh

There are some fruits and vegetables that look 'ugly' than their friends are produced from the same field. But the fancy rush was thrown away. Although the appearance is not perfect, it does not mean that fruit and vegetables are not feasible for consumption. Because the food is still food, though not look good.

Launched from Health , Rachel Beller a nutritionist in Los Angeles says that as long as fruits and vegetables still look fresh and not rotten or stale, a slightly wilted and imperfect physical appearance is not really a problem. He assures, the food that looks imperfect it still has the same content as other foods like.

According to the founder of the Beller Nutritional Institute, all types of foods, fruits and vegetables can add to your daily nutrition . Many people eat less fruits and vegetables, the habit of distinguishing fruit and vegetables from the look will only make you steer clear of healthy foods.
Then, how to treat these ugly vegetables to keep them nutritious?

There is no difference between how to cultivate badly grown vegetables with fresh vegetables. Starting from fried, boiled, steamed, baked, until burned, everything is fine. The nutritional content was eleven twelve with fresh fruit and other vegetables.

You just need to make sure that the ugly vegetables are washed clean. If there is a small portion of a fruit or vegetable that seems overcooked or damaged (eg a leafy tip is bitten by a caterpillar or there is a somewhat fleshy part of the fruit), you can cut the part for disposal and consume the rest.

Basically, the best way of processing and consumption of vegetables depends on the type of vegetable itself. The only thing that needs to be underlined is when the vegetable was removed from the trunk, at that time the nutritional content has been partially reduced. Vegetables get a supply of nutrients directly from plants or plants themselves. So when the nutritional supply is cut off, the nutritional content of the vegetables is reduced.

There are also types of vegetables that contain nutrients and vitamins can be more powerful when processed properly. Like carrots, when boiled carotenoid content such as beta carotene can increase. Meanwhile, if steamed, the content of vitamin C and carotenoids can be reduced but can increase levels of phenolic acid (a type of antioxidant).
Make no mistake! There is the impact of discarding ugly fruits and vegetables

A data shows that more than a third of the world's food is wasted simply because of its appearance. Whereas if used properly, that number can feed billions of people who are starving in the world. Not only that, the habit of wasting bad-looking food is also rated as a habit that can damage the balance of life. This is because disposing of such foods contributes to environmental damage .

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