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Step By Step: Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner

Does the article how to use google keyword planner you find on page 10 major searches from google search engine? I'm not sure, because this keyword is held by a powerful blog, like maxmanroe or mas sugeng. But if I use the keyword "keyword research with keyword planner", it will probably be able to rival a powerful blog as I mean.
If so, it means that what I have been working on is true, but if there is no possibility of this article again in the placement process to find the position in the top 10. (Hehe..PD really). Keywords should not lead to the title of the blog, but can also be found in the articles we post.
So a complete post is likely to get a varied keyword. That is the importance of "keyword research with keyword planner", so we can see the competition and the opportunity to be in the best position.
Make keyword research a simple matter
Well, discussing the use of keyword planner, we can simplify to be as simple as possible.So we can grab the easiest core just let me complicated, and the discussion of how to research keywords for keyword search results you can apply maximally.
We do not talk theory alone, you also do not want to write articles with difficulty, but the visitor of your blog is your own?
Short tail keywords and long tail keywords
Let's be simpler, we can distinguish keywords into two parts only. The easiest technique to search keywords and how to place keywords is as determinant, so that your article is not redundant and got a chance to hang out on the first page of google.
So I am more emphasis to reform your prospective article first, before sure is true and ready to publish. This is important because keyword research is like a weapon for your article. If you learn about SEO, it's time to apply SEO on Page to your article.
Example Short tail keywords: computer, android, internet
Example Long tail keyword: cheap computer, android latest, internet package
To combine these keywords, you can write down the cheapest computer prices, the latest android best-selling, Internet package sparingly.
Utilize Ubersuggest site for comparison
To better know the variations of the main keywords, you can take advantage of the http://ubersuggest.org site, here we can analyze more varied keywords. The site is very well reputed, even many webmasters use ubersuggest as a preliminary guide to searching for targeted keywords.
Type in your keyword, choose destination country> select web and press suggest, on the next option you can click Select All Keywords.
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
After pressing Select All Keywords we will be able to get the keyword that displays the search area in Indonesia, then click Get and we can copy paste all the keywords are save in the form txt.file in notepad.
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
How to use Google Keyword Planner
Well now I explain step by step, how to research keywords with keyword planner tool.Here I explain briefly, and the basic use of this keyword planner I divide into two parts.
First step
Uploading files from ubbersuggest.
1. Login to Google Adwords: Keyword Planner
2. Click "Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords"
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
3. Upload the txt (keyword) file you saved earlier.
4. Click Get forecasts, like the image below.
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
5. After the file is uploaded, we can see the results of the analysis of the keyword planner tool, in the form of graphics in the show from the search results, the level of competition and the lowest value. After that we can download the file in the form of .CSV file
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
At this stage you already have variative keywords for prospective articles, open file.CSVearlier, you can choose between the row of keywords, make sure the keywords you shoot relate to the article to be written.
The second way
1. Still on Google Adwords login page: Keyword Planner
if you are confused you can see the picture below.
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
2. On the page click Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
3. Type the keywords you want, change the location and language to Indonesia (if your target is just the local market). select google as a search engine. After that click GET IDEAS.
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
4. The image below is the result.
If you are an online business, click A VG.MONTHLY SEARCHES to show the keyword with the most searches. If you put an Adsense ad on a blog, then a Sugested bid to show you the highest paid keywords.
Keywords Research Using Google Keyword Planner
The most important stage is to analyze keyword competition, we can grab search keywords with low competitors (low) and high search levels of long tail keywords with a varied combination.
We can place these keywords in a row of articles that we make. Keep in mind google displays the search results exact (comprehensive), based on the keywords in the searching type on the search page.
Keyword Execution
This step is most decisive in an article will enter in a row of search results. Keyword optimization plays a role whether your article will be indexed and included in the first page on google.
How wonderful you have to learn SEO and not just a keyword that is in andalkan. Google webmaster tools is the core of an article you will quickly indexed or not.
Putting keywords in titles and articles
The optimization of keywords in the title, can be done variatively. You must really get around the competition of an article in the search results, you should be able to compile the main keyword with other variative words.
Look for other varied words that are rarely in use, can be taken as an example "selling original handmade woven sarong", or you can arrange keywords with other variatif words.

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