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The YouTube Vlogger Success Secrets Can Be Rich Only By Being Yourself

Image result for CARA CEPAT SUKSES YOUTUBENow a days you do not need to be an artist of all you know to be able to earn from narcissistic narcissistic in front of the camera. Want to know how to do? Be a vlogger. Vlogger or video blogger is a person who blogging alias pour out of heart or story using video media. Of course, making vlogs easier and facilitated by the video sharing sites used by almost everyone on the planet, YouTube.
YouTube, founded in 2005, is not just a platform for artists or official institutions to share their online content, ordinary people like us can share a video of their own. Well great, there are some people who are able to develop the pleasure of sharing videos on YouTube so much more than just a hobby. Not only can millions of other people faithfully watch their video uploads on YouTube, they are also able to get paid big from that hobby.
According to the SocialBlade statistics website , PewDiePie aka Felix Kjellberg, a 25-year-old Swedish man with his game reviews videos is the most popular and richest person on YouTube with over 32 million subscribers or annual revenue and revenues ranging from 1.9 million - 15.1 Million USD. The amount of wew really for men who every day play the game while throwing comments or even swear in front of the camera?
Curious where the money comes from? Most of it comes from ads like sticking out on the corner of the YouTube page lho, the rest of the product partners who want to promote goods through the stars of YouTube. In this already online era, business people have also understood the marketing power of this YouTube star is sometimes bigger and more effective than the real artist.
But not just anyone you can succeed to be a YouTube vlogger . Although all at first also only armed with cameras and YouTube accounts, but it turns out there is a distinguish vlogger super like this PewDiePie.This is the secret to the success of the top stars on YouTube that might inspire you to follow-up vlogging as well.

They Never Pretend To Be Others In Front Of The Camera

Although this article wants to share the success stories of people on YouTube, if you follow their footsteps you just can not necessarily cheat their style you know. Everyone can also create an account and upload their videos on YouTube, but those who successfully attract millions of viewers are those who are different from millions of others.
Fortunately, the originals of each human being are different from each other, so the best strategy is to be yourself completely. All of the stars that managed to find success on YouTube are famous for their antique-antique personality and not second to none. Suppose Jenna Mourey who is on YouTube is known as Jenna Marbles. More than 14 million of her subscribers on YouTube faithfully watched this one girl just sitting in front of the camera listening to her cute banter to the situation we often encounter everyday.
Jenna is proof that even a sneaky person can be famous on YouTube. The more time people spend in cyberspace, the more people who get smitten and addicted to the same entertainment that you can find on YouTube this time. After all, YouTube is an open site that everyone can access, so there is an unlimited possibility for the strangest person to be accepted and so popular.

Hobbies and Other Fun Things In Life So Things They Always Distribute In Their Vloggers

Vlogs just like blogs usually start with people who want to share a story like a diary, it's just the content or content can be accessed by many people. Well vlogger on YouTube usually also started from the hobby of sharing aja. Some want to share their melodious voice singing popular songs, makeup tricks that may be useful to others, or hobby cooks.
Even one of the richest channels or channels on YouTube is BluCollection whose content is about assembling toys. Called the channel because the person aja not sticking in the camera, just doang hand.Although the number of subscribernya not as high as Jenna Marbles, BluCollection earnings just far above Jenna. If David Beckham powerful model of advertising panties, well in the world of children's toys turned out the most powerful promotion that yes via YouTube. So the money of the world's largest toy companies that flows to these YouTube stars.
By just sharing the enthusiasm of the hobby they do in their spare time, it turns out through YouTube these people can actually be paid a lot. But to be trusted and watched by the crowd, yes they are discussing about the things they most like, master, or important in his life. Not just following trends or others. So if you want to be a serious vlogger , for him the hobby is the hobby that you most love gandrungi. Who knows someone on YouTube is going to catch it.

Consistency So Key. Vlogger Must Be Diligent Uploading New Videos. The goal, In order for Subscribers who Come Always Got New Watch

Well that clearly distinguishes top YouTube stars with regular vloggers is the number of subscribers or loyal followers who subscribe to their YouTube channel. The figure directly describes the magnitude of their influence to be a media campaign for the company or Google ads. YouTube will only provide advertising revenue or 'ad revenue' for those with subscribers totaling over 100,000. And to be able to continue to earn revenue, yes means they must continue to increase the number of subscribers and continue to upload videos to watch.
The more often their YouTube channels are visited and watched by people, the more pouring money will flow from ads and sponsors. Not infrequently these YouTube stars to record, edit and upload their videos EVERY day. So many of them who finally left the job 'real' and turned into a full time vlogger . There is no vlogger who will explicitly specify the earnings, but if the estimated SocialBlade per day PewDiePie generates 5,200-42.ooo USD.
Imagine if a day wrote PewDiePie not issue a new video, yes for that day he had no income. So to be aprofessional vlogger it ya required consistency and high dedication. That routine also makes the high-audience anticipation to enjoy the next video. If you do not have a consistent schedule, it would be hard for subscribers to know when to come back to YouTube to watch their videos.

Video Subscribers Always They Treat As Kings, Simultaneously Friends

In addition to getting high subscribers , keeping that amount high and growing is a must-have for YouTube superstars. Not enough to make a video interesting or funny, this YouTube top star also managed to make fans addicted to not be able to miss a day without seeing their video. Why? Because people already feel attached and close to the 'new friends' they find on YouTube this.
Unlike the old school entertainment concept where we can only see artists or singers on TV, in this all-connected era everyone can be friends with famous people in medsos or YouTube. Moreover, there is a comment column on YouTube where everyone can leave an opinion or anything they want to say about the video on it. Well, successful people on YouTube know how to take advantage of these two-way interactions by diligently responding to the audience's comments.
With the simplest answer though, the viewer must feel more appreciated and really feel familiar with this YouTube star personally. Not enough with the interaction on YouTube, big stars of YouTube must also have other media platforms like Twitter or Facebook that can deepen their relationship with subscribers while raising their channel profile. Not even rarely they also distribute free items like rewarding friends. Anyway on YouTube, the audience is king.

They Have High Confidence To Be A Piece Of Their Life With All People

But the convenience that seems to be enjoyed by these YouTube stars, also apparently not that simple you know. Although it seems nice and easy, known to many people in the virtual world that changed their lives 180 degrees. It takes great confidence and courage to expose their lives in front of the camera at all times. Their V logs are almost all personal. It means yes so sometimes it's hard to tell which one is not working.
Not to mention the negative comments that every day they have to face. Of course from the millions of people who are interested in watching their lives, there will definitely be some who do not like. Every day reading the harsh criticisms that have no censorship about how they live their lives, from people who are just idly surfing on YouTube, it's not an easy task.
Many do not hold until finally stop vlogging. Or like PewDiePie who finally decided to close his comment field because he could not stand the negative comments he read every day. But yes the consequence is he will lose the door of interaction with the audience who are loyal and love the game reviews.
Hence, all the work is always there are its own difficulties even in this dream job though. But if after reading the above discussion, you feel you have the characteristics needed to be a YouTube superstar, yes ... go for it !!!
This is an era where even by being yourself in front of the camera, you can connect with millions of others and ..ehem ..ehem of course sponsors who would be interested to ride your popularity. If you want technical steps to be a YouTube vlogger you can read more here . So what are you waiting for, take the camera and please narcissist-narcissistic.
The coins also yuk youtuber SkinnyIndonesian24 Jovial Da Lopez on his migration account.

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