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Tips on Creating Viral Videos by YouTuber Indonesia

Video content today is a new livelihood.Especially with the presence of YouTube, the video makers can reap the benefits of ads that appear on their channel.

But the way to make a profit is not simple. There is an absolute requirement that the video-maker must have, a work that is watched by many people or viral.

As for how to create this viral content, there are various. Edho Zell, one of the successful YouTube video creators in Indonesia, shared how he did to mix viral videos.

As delivered from on stage IdeaFest 2016, Saturday (24/09/2016), the man who now has 903,971 followers ( subscribers ) on YouTube it summarized it into 6 ways below:

1. First 15 Seconds

When creating a video, always look at the first 15 seconds. Creators must be able to attract the audience in a short count.

Avoid installing product logos, YouTube logos or similar forms. The reason, it will cause the audience to conclude the video as an ad and lazy to continue.

"So the first 5 seconds should make the audience think if this is a good video or not. Then in 15 seconds, must explain the whole video. For example if a comedy video, in that range must have punchline given, "said Edho.

2. Short duration

Do not make the video too long. The most appropriate duration is 3-5 minutes, if more than that the audience will be bored and tend to close your video.

"Why 3-5 minutes? If it's over 10 minutes, it's like you are asking people to invest in you, but that person has not known. The question is, do you want to spend (spend) time 10-15 minutes to something that has not known? "Explained Edho.

"If only 3-5 minutes, like a word to listen to the niceties, of course people will not mind to provide the time," he concluded.

3. Honest

Videos that are created should be mixed as honestly as possible, not to distort the facts. Because, the audience today tend to be more critical and could have accentuated the mistakes they found in your work.

"For example making a video claimed using a mobile phone, but it was made using a DSLR. Then this is caught from his shadow. Do not get that way, "he explained.

"Children today are getting smarter. A little error in the video can be screenshot , circled, dotted, then shown, "concluded Edho.

4. Contents of metadata

Do not forget to fill out video metadata to upload to YouTube. Although impressed trivial, this metadata has an important role, namely to make the video can be indexed with a particular search word.

"For example, when I create a parody of Mario Teguh. I accidentally put the name Mario Teguh in front of the title because people will indeed enter the name into the search field, "said Edho.

"That is, when people click the search field, enter the name of Mario Teguh, then my video so one that will come out. Well, this metadata function so that video can be searched, "he added.

5. Character of social media

In addition to uploading videos on YouTube, do not forget to take advantage of other social media and form certain characters. These characters are needed so that viewers can find easy associations and then remember your YouTube channel.

"Try to humanize your social media. The human touch is important. An example of humanizing social media is the instagram account of Chimney, by creating a character named Dudu, "explained Edho.

6. Prioritize positive values

Do not get stuck with the mindset that the success of a video is visible from the sheer number of views . The reason, the success of a video will only be seen from the side of the value given to the audience.

If the value is positive and useful, then people will automatically share it. Response embedded in the comment field was positive.

"For example you can see the ads Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2, Thai advertisements that the story is touching or funny but it turns out about insurance. Two things are obviously advertising, but still many are willing to share, "explained Edho.

"This is called value (value). Make the audience laugh or sad first, let them watch, then after sales affairs, "he concluded.

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