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Top 5: Tips to Become YouTube's Most Hits

It's The Key to YouTube's Beautiful Billionaire Success

Zoella successfully attracted the attention of internet users and became a bright star in the social media and YouTube. The pretty girl turned out to have a pretty simple key to success.
Zoella who found success in his own way in attracting visitors and earning money from the internet mentioned has a simple way. Some experts reveal a number of key successes that could be done by netizens who have done Zoella on the internet. Anything? Here's the review.
ISIS re-spread terror. This time through a group of hackers acting on behalf of the Islamic State Hacking Division (ISHD), they have released a list of 100 US military members who will be beheaded in their own hometown.
This 'Kill List' becomes viral and spreads quickly on the internet. ISHD in his post also explained that the 100 members of the US military will be killed by 'our brother (ISIS) residing in the US'.
Do not open the Snapchat app while you're curled up, do not tweet when you're irritable, and do not use Facebook if you ... !!! You must already know the answer.
At least that's the rationale of the new Durex commercials. Inside the ad featured a group of couples invited by Siren, a dating application company, to see "how a smartphone can create amazing sex sensations."
After embedding a wind turbine in the Eiffel tower in order to store electrical energy for nighttime lighting, the French government recently drafted a new regulation, requiring the roof of a building in a commercial zone to be fitted with solar panels or laying plants on it.
Citing Ubergizmo's website , this rule applies to energy savings. The concept of `green roof` is claimed to help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat buildings during the winter and cool buildings in the summer.
In order to get something desired, there are a number of people who are dark eyes regardless of anything. This happened to a 12 year old boy, who allegedly tried to poison his mother for the iPhone.
Reported by ABC News , the girl from Colorado, United States (US) has been arrested for allegedly trying to poison her mother's drink twice with bleach. According to police, the action was done after the mother took his iPhone.

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