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Various Causes That Make You Often Have Muscle Cramps

Have you ever felt sudden muscle cramps? Maybe you've experienced cramps during daytime activities or even in the middle of your sleep. Actually, what is the cause of sudden muscle cramps? Is this dangerous?
What are the causes of sudden muscle cramps?

Muscle cramps are a normal condition and often occur in many people. This condition can happen anytime even when you just wake up or in the middle of your sleep. The pain that is felt when experiencing muscle cramps is caused due to tense muscles continuously.

Unfortunately, until now it is not known exactly what causes this sudden muscle cramps. Because, many things that may be the cause of muscle cramps, such as:
Exercise , can be a cause of muscle cramps because as you perform these activities muscles become more commonly used. The muscles will tighten and relax, there are times when excessive muscle is used to cause cramps.
Mineral deficiency , for example magnesium or potassium.
Stand and sit for a long time.
Not drinking enough . If you drink less, not only your throat is dry, but also the muscles of the body will feel 'thirsty'.
Take certain medications such as birth control pills, diuretic drugs , and steroid medications.

In addition, there are several other risk factors that make you more susceptible to muscle cramps, namely:
Age . The older a person becomes more susceptible to muscle cramps, as they have lost much muscle mass.
Dehydration . Dehydration conditions that often occur in athletes, can cause muscle cramps easier.
Pregnancy . Muscle cramp problems are very common during pregnancy.
Blood flow is not smooth.
Rarely exercise.
Use high heels for a long time
What should I do when muscle cramps occur?

Usually this sudden muscle cramps will disappear in a short time. You can massage the muscles that cramp and stretch. Or if it is very painful and does not go away the muscle cramps you experience, you can take painkillers that are sold without the need for a prescription such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen .

In addition, you can also take a bath with warm water to make the muscles of the body more relaxed. Do not forget to drink enough water to maintain body hydration status.
Is muscle cramp dangerous? When should I see a doctor?

So far, muscle cramps are not a dangerous condition. But indeed, the feeling of cramps that you feel may be caused by certain health disorders, such as:
Impaired kidney function
Nervous system disorders

Actually, muscle cramps you can prevent by drinking enough water, keep exercising regularly, and eat foods that contain various vitamins and high calcium. If the muscle cramps that happen to you do not go over, you should consult a doctor.

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