Watch Live Streaming Youtube Via Android and PC Easier

Many people are asking about how to watch live streaming on youtube via android, from start streaming live balls, games, news, to live streaming tv shows.
Therefore, here I will explain in full how to watch live streaming on youtube for various categories, so by reading this article you can understand how to watch live news, games, balls, even tv shows. Not only that, I will also explain how to watch live from android and also from computer.
Although watching youtube into daily meals, let alone those who have held a netizen aka internet population. Apparently many also do not understand how to watch live streaming youtube is true.
If the matter of the popularity of video sites have google this one, would have been not asked.But the thing is, youtube feature very many. So many features of this youtube that make people can be wrong if the way to watch live streaming youtube just like how to visit youtube site usually, lah wong who wrote this article itself was never wrong kok, hehe.
How to watch live streaming is very easy.
The first thing you should know is, where are you online, whether on PC or Android, because of course, next, the steps are different.
Let's review how to watch live streaming using a computer or pc! For steps on android after PC ..

How to Watch Live Streaming Youtube on PC

Wait a minute, do not be impulsive. Do not because you can watch live streaming girls - kece cewek on youtube then you immediately cepet - cepet pengen start. First and foremost, before streaming anywhere, whatever is video-based via the internet, make sure that your quota is sufficient.
Do not let the time again fun-fun watching, the video even buffer and make you baper because not move anymore. Moreover, this is live streaming, which is usually exclusive show looh.
More comfortable if you use Wifi network, may ask to nyolong or pay alone. In addition to requiring a lot of quotas, live streaming also need a fast connection, so that later the video you watch is not a buffer and eventually even missed.
The fastest way is you visit this link
Next you visit the site , just enter the keyword, live streaming / live only, not until you finish entering the keyword, usually has appeared kok choice, roughly looks like this
After that you just click Live (note no 2 on the picture)
Obviously, it's like the word syahrini, plastered real. There is a description explaining, YouTube Live, where you can directly watch a variety of incredible live stream actions.
If it is difficult and want a fast, you can click this link. Waduhh not from last gann ...!?
I deliberately give the link after you understand how to manually enter into youtube Live channel, so if whenever and wherever you want to watch live on youtube, you already know how to manual, without having memorize link channel livenya.
Okay more ...
Youtube Live Page Views
Every Live alerts Now / Live Now is part of a collection of youtube videos that you can play live. There are so many kinds, there are impressions about sports,
In this live sports category you can watch many sports games broadcast live, not just football, but other sports you can find there, from volleyball, billiard, golf, tennis, baseball, and more.
Next there are Games,
In live Gaming most are youtuber gaming that perform live streaming, in addition to youtuber live gaming also usually likes to have batle game events, such as PBNC point blank, Dota 2, GTA 5, Maincraft and many other games. For you who like to play the game, you try to watch the youtubers who are doing live streaming. Exciting and challenging the point.
Then there's the category of Recent Live Streams and Upcoming Live Stream!
Recent Live Streams / Live streaming just ended. This category displays some live streaming video, if you missed a few hours of live streaming, then you can find it here, unlike TV, if on youtube itself if it is finished live streaming then you can still watch it from scratch until the end. If the tv is finished live streaming already finished. Youtube emang steady ya 😀
Upcoming Live Streams / Live schedule that will air. For this category special show live watch hour, so suppose you do not want to miss live streaming of favorite event, you can click set reminder, or remind me. After that if the live event will start, then you will receive a notification if the live event that you set was started. That way you will not miss to sit first to watch your favorite live event.
And of course, there are categories of animals and technology,
The category of the technology in which there are many live videos about the state of the earth, for you who want to know the state of the earth seen from space, suitable nih watching live streaming from NASA. Today's all-round technology is now easier for us to know things about the earth live from outer space. In addition to the earth, much of it about science that we may rarely see on tv.
Animal category is also no less exciting, many live video about the life of animals in it, I think watching a live like this can make us feel in place directly, we can know the life of animals when in the wild. Seru abiss ...
"Many yes", said dian sastro in AADC 2. Yeah a lot, really bang. Live where the most interesting video for you. Click and play, then just stick to the tikis, and prepare the same snack.
Well from the way above you can watch live streaming for some categories only, what if want to watch tv show or news that live again?
Because for now live streaming tv shows have not been maximally all aired on youtube, so from that way out is visiting streaming site tv show provided by site
Confused how to do? It's easy.
First you visit this link
Next you can choose, which tv show you want to watch. From start trans 7, Indosiar, Metro Tv, Antv, Compass Tv, Trans TV, Rtv, and Sctv.
Well just deh relax sit sweet and eat snacks .. Pretty though not complete all tv channels exist.

How to Watch Live Streaming on Android

Ease, watch from android definitely because its size is much lighter than PC or Laptop, the most important is your internet speed and also a lot of quota hehe .. Cussss ahh refer to the picture below ..
  • All you have to do is open youtube app on your android, if there is no download here .
  • Next type a live stream on the search. engage image no2.
  • Click Live channel in picture no 3.
  • After that you can immediately enjoy the videos again live, select and watch deh ..
So easy right, going through pc or android is equally easy.
Oh yeah, until forgetfulness.
For android users, if you want to watch tv shows, you can download application by clicking this link.
Once the app is installed, you can instantly watch various channel tv shows like I mentioned earlier.


From both ways above, going through android or PC, basically everything is the same, you are required to visit the youtube live channel, because every video or channel that does live streaming will definitely appear on the live channel. Therefore, I suggest to make the subscribe to live channel youtube it, so that every time there is a live you will get a notification, so you will not miss again deh.
To watch tv shows is a bit different, ie you should visit the site, or if using android you can install aplikasnya.
How to watch live streaming of youtube on Android or PC is obviously very easy. But the next problem is your quota, because streaming requires regular quotas, meaning the more you stream then the faster your quota disappears. So be sure to stay true to your wallet, even if it is easy. Do not let the wallet rusty because of the frequency of watching live broadcasts, or live streaming on Youtube. Unless you use the free wifi network, if so it's up to monggo deh as much .. hehe
Thank you and hope it is useful..